ADT Santa Monica, California

Exploring Why Home Security Systems Are A Necessity
The city of Santa Monica, California has a population of 92,987. It was assigned a crime index of 14. This index indicates that the city is 14% safer than most major cities in the country. It doesn’t, however, indicate that it is the safest city or that homeowners don’t need a home security system installed. The lower index indicates a real need for home security to provide clear protection for homeowners. The following are details exploring why home security systems are a necessity. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About the City? The most recent statistics show that 358 violent crimes happened in Santa Monica in the last year. This indicates that 3.85 out of every 1,000 residents was involved in a violent crime. There were 3,048 property-related crimes in the city last year. These numbers show that 32.78 out of every 1,000 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. Of the violent crimes committed, there weren’t any murders reported. There were, however, 43 rapes, 123 robberies, and 192 physical assaults reported. According to these reports, 1 out of every 260 residents was involved in a violent crime. The property-related crimes reported in Santa Monica consisted of 539 burglaries and 2,326 thefts. There were 183 automobile thefts reported as well. These statistics indicate that 1 in every 31 residents was involved in a property related crime. With the 3,406 total crimes committed in the last year, it indicates that 36.63 out of every 1,000 residents became a victim of a crime in the city. This also indicates that 405 crimes were committed per square mile in the city. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? In June, a 57-year-old man was murdered near 5th street. According to the report, he sustained stab wounds and blunt force trauma. The report indicated that the trauma to the head and his torso were the ultimate cause of death. Another homicide occurred previously in April. A 35-year-old man sustained fatal stab wounds as the result of a home invasion. Further news stories depict an occurrence downtown around the metro station. A man armed with two kitchen knives was shot as he attempted to attack local police officers. He was listed as in critical condition. Additionally, a 20-year-old man was apprehended with large quantities of products to create explosives. This individual was arrested under suspicions of an attempted attack at the gay pride parade. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The Santa Monica housing market indicates that the average home value is $1,259,500. This reflects a cost of $963 per square foot. It also indicates that the median rental payment for the area is around $6,495. The current market is at an all-time high. The market has increased 9.7% since last year. The current market also shows the potential for a 2.8% increase by the end of the next year. Although a thriving housing market provides a happier population, it also increases the odds of criminal activity due to the value of these properties. Properties that range at a higher value scale are at a higher risk. For this reason, homeowners need to install more advantageous home security systems. What is the Current Rate of Gun Ownership in the City? According to the latest reports, 43% of men and 35% of women own guns in Santa Monica. The demographic is made up of 49% of gun owners who are republicans and 35% of these gun owners who are democrats. These statistics also show that 44% of these gun owners are white, while 27% are African America. While gun ownership is relatively high in the Santa Monica area, does this indicate that all homeowners are safe without security systems? According to the above-mentioned crime rates, the answer is no. Homeowners need security systems to protect themselves more fully. These systems could reduce the probability of accidental shootings. They can also provide an early alert if an intruder is found on their property. Are There Prisons in or Near the City? The Santa Monica Jail could present certain risks of property owners. In the event that an escape occurs, homeowners could face risks including possible home invasions. These probable risks increase the need for home security to reduce the potential for property damage, financial losses, and potential injuries. What Type of Security is Best for Residential Properties? The homeowner needs a security system to address all probabilities. They need security cameras that cover all entryways. They need sensors on these entry points as well as on all windows. They need cameras that capture footage in blind spots that could present possible security risks. They need a centralized connection for the system to allow them to review footage. They also need monitors in strategic areas of the property for quick assessments. What Options are Available for Homeowners with Busy Work Schedule? Homeowners with busy work schedules need additional features to help them monitor their property. These features include remote connections that allow access via their smartphones and tablets. These connections allow them to review any room of their home at any time. They can also communicate with their family via the intercom installation. In Santa Monica, California, residents are at a high risk of becoming a victim of a home invasion. The current crime statistics indicate that there were 539 home invasions in the last year. Homeowners who want to increase their home security contact a local provider now.