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Jersey City Crime

The State of New Jersey has managed to reduce crime largely and its prison population has reduced significantly in the past few years. Only Mississippi has seen a greater reduction in the number of prisoners. However, burglaries and crime remain a major issue in cities such as Jersey City. For instance, data from 2013 show that there were 2,524 property crimes reported in Jersey City. That figure could even accurate, or it could be even higher, since some people feel disillusioned in reporting some crimes that take too long to resolve.

Crime Rates in Jersey City

Crime in Jersey City is most prevalent towards the city center. Almost 80 percent of all crimes are property related. The latest statistics showed that there was 4,240 property related crimes annually. The crime rate is lowest towards the outskirts of the city. The city’s safest neighborhood is Secaucus Rd / 5th St. Crime is virtually nonexistence in this area, partly due to the higher number of patrols that take place within the area. However, it is also because the residents have invested in multi-layered and effective home security systems. Thus, if a home is not properly protected, it makes it a target for petty thieves. They will not dare enter a home that has a good alarm system, knowing that the police response within such an area is typically within minutes.

Gang Activity in Jersey City

In recent years, police have arrested dozens of violent gang members. It was reported that a recent spike earlier in 2016 was due to gang wars. However, police managed to bring much of the violence down by putting the most violent members behind bars. Despite this, gangs are quite active in the city. When there are gangs in any city, they look for ways make money. This will usually result in home invasions and burglaries targeted at small businesses. The most at-risk businesses are the ones with the least amount of security. Most gang members are repeat offenders, and the last thing they want is the police being alerted of their presence by a security system. In addition, they fear CCTV cameras. If their image is captured, they get harsher sentences and longer jail terms.

Politicians Join the Security Debate

For now, politicians running to oust the current governor have raised the flag about the urban crime rates in New Jersey. Jersey City has been hit by crime in recent years, although the instances of crime are reducing. For one, there is a feeling that the distribution of law enforcement resources is not efficient. In addition, the resources allocated to law enforcement officers are few. Right now, opponents of the current governor claim that some of the safest neighborhoods such as Trenton and Princeton have too many police officers. Thus, it means some of the urban areas in and around Jersey City get little support from law enforcement.

Neighborhood Watch Programs

A neighborhood watch program is an excellent grassroots way to increase the security of your neighborhood. Here are some of the best examples of Jersey City neighborhood watch programs:

• Newark-CERT Program

31 Green Street, 4th Floor

Newark/Essex, New Jersey, 7104

County: Contact Email:

• Hamilton Park Crime Watch

113 Pavonia Ave., Suite 291

Jersey City, New Jersey, 7302

County: Contact Email:

• Van Vorst Neighborhood Watch

319 Varick Street

Jersey City, New Jersey, 7302

County: Contact Email:


329 4th Street

Jersey City, New Jersey, 7302

County: Contact Email:

• Newark P.D. Community Outreach

31 Green Street 4th Floor

Newark, Essex, New Jersey, 7105

County: Contact Email:

• Enforcement Volunteer Patrol & Rescue Unit


NEWARK, New Jersey, 7114

County: Contact Email: EVPDIRECTOR@AOL.COM

• Cambridge Ave Block Watch

12 Cambridge Avenue

Jersey City, New Jersey, 7307

County: Contact Email:

• Safe Audubon Society

87 Audubon Avenue

Jersey City, New Jersey, 7305

County: Contact Email:

These are just a few of the programs available throughout most of the neighborhoods in the city. However, they can only do so much. A person needs to have a home security program as the last line of defense.

Neighborhoods That Require Alarm Systems the Most

The neighborhood crime hotspots of Jersey City are located near these areas:

  • Martin Luther King Jr Dr / Virginia Ave
  • 12Th St / Coles St
  • Garfield Ave / Bramhall Ave
  • Martin Luther King Jr Dr / Atlantic St
  • Old Bergen Rd / Linden Av

If a person lives in any of these neighborhoods, an alarm system is needed. There are likely to be criminals patrolling the streets looking for a soft target. The less resistance that a thug gets when trying to access a property, the higher the chances of a robbery taking place.

Alarm Systems Companies in the City

• Beacon Protection Group, LLC

The company is located in 41 Vreeland Avenue, Totowa, NJ. The company has been around for nearly two years now. It offers alarm installation services as well as other security monitoring services. For a free quote, one should call their company representative.

• Atlantic Alarm Systems and Services, LLC

The company’s physical location is 165 Amboy Road, Space 703 Morganville, N.J. It has experience spanning over ten years in the industry. They are a fully licensed service that offers security installation services.

• Eastern Power Electric, LLC

The locally owned company prides itself on giving its clients a personalized touch. They are a trusted security installations company that offers a number of guarantees. Their physical address is 1315 72nd Street, North Bergen, NJ.