ADT Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa, CA is Coming up & the Importance of Safe Living

California is full of attractive cities that continuously pull visitors from around the world. One popular area is Santa Rosa, Calif. This city draws thousands of visitors and new residents. In fact, some famous films like “Die Hard 2” and “Cujo” were shot in the city. There is no doubt that Santa Rosa is a great place to live, but homeowners should still take a few precautions, like enforcing home security. The key is understanding where you live and why security is important, which will be highlighted here.

A City on the Rise

Most people assume that a city is booming when the home prices rise. This is what is happening in Santa Rosa. People should pay attention to this city because home values are gradually increasing. Most housing experts in this region are pointing out that Sonoma County, which makes up most of Santa Rosa, is experiencing a surge in home prices.

Real estate agents believe the increase deals with how desirable the area is becoming. The rise might actually be due to California legalizing marijuana. There has been significant growth in states that have been open to making this drug legal. Still, some housing experts are posing some concerns regarding the rise of property values.

A few Concerns

1. Excluding Some

It is possible that a rise in property values might alienate a significant portion of home buyers. This means that it is possible that some real estate agents might have a hard time selling a home.

2. Home Buyers are Looking for a Deal

Another possible issue is the homebuyer. Sure, many homebuyers are looking for a good home, but they are also looking for a deal. It is possible that some buyers will just look elsewhere because the prices are lower.

It will take some time, but the outcome of this increase should be clear later.

Dealing With Crime

If property values are going up, this usually means that the city is relatively safe, but that does not mean that the possibility of crime does not exist.

One thing that should be noted is the rise in home prices means burglars might assume the homes in the area contain items worth stealing. This is why homeowners living in the Santa Rosa area should make sure their home security systems are top notch.

This concept is reinforced at a time when crime rates seem to be on the rise in this county. It seems over 8,000 property crimes were committed in 2014. This represents a significant rise, and it is a trend that does not seem to be stopping any time soon. The statistics get more drastic when one looks at the details. For example, gang activity seems to be on the rise, and rape has occurred more often than those living in the county would want to admit. There is no doubt that danger lurks in every city, but no one wants to hear that it might be getting worse, making home security and preparedness vital for any homeowner.

How Homeowners can Protect Themselves

It would be nice to just depend on the police for protection, but the cops cannot always get there when the crime is in progress. It seems cops will definitely be there to deal with the aftermath of the crime, meaning home security is also the homeowner’s job. This does not mean that a home dweller needs to put traps all over the place but rather take a few precautions to increase the safety of his or her home.

Consider the following:

Know the Entry Points

Burglars usually use the windows, garage entries, basement entries, and back doors. It is important to reinforce these areas as much as possible. This could include upgrading locks, door material, installing stronger window panes, placing sensors, and strategically placing security cameras in these areas. It should be noted that some burglars are passing themselves off as solicitors or members of a widely known company. Some have gotten homeowners to open the door for them, which is how they gain access to the house. It is important to always ask for official ID before opening the door. If in doubt, call the company the person claims to be from to confirm.

Make a Plan

Danger is real, no matter how much one prepares. This means homeowners should also have a plan should the worst happen. One great idea is to make sure that those in the household know a ‘danger password’ that will signal everyone to get to a safe room. Having a designated safe room should help keep a family out of harm’s way, since it takes cops a few minutes to get to a home. Of course, the response time for a cop is better when the homeowner has a security system installed. The security monitors will be able to call the police department on the homeowner’s behalf, since he or she might be under distress.

Home Security

The chances of a home being hit by a burglar or home invader are drastically reduced when one installs a good home security system. The system should include flood lights, sensors, cameras, broken glass sensors, and automated lights, just to name a few things. Be sure the home displays a clear sign that warns possible intruders the home is protected. These signs could be put in the front or backyard. These factors usually deter home invaders from targeting a particular home.

There are more things a homeowner can do to protect his or her family. Hopefully, taking a closer look at Santa Rosa, Calif., makes it a lot easier to navigate the city and ensure that living in it is as safe as it should be.