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Cradled on the banks of the Columbia River in the southeastern part of Washington state, Kennewick is a paradise for those that enjoy the outdoors. However, even paradise can have its share of snakes up to no good. This is where owning a modern and reliable security system comes into play. Take, for instance, this lighthearted yet cautionary tale that recently occurred.

Pop Goes The Weasel

After having packages stolen right off his front porch on more than one occasion (four times actually), homeowner Jaireme Barrow came up with a creative solution. Why he did not give the video footage of each theft to the local police is not explained but each incident was documented for posterity by his home-security video-surveillance system. After becoming fed up with the conniving thieves, he rigged an empty package with a blank 12-gauge that exploded when the package was lifted. It had the effect of making the criminal think they had just been shot without actually doing any harm. While certainly not a recommended solution to package thievery, it does illustrate the need for a quality security system, as there would have been no hard evidence of actual theft without one. It is not known if the thief was eventually apprehended or of the state of her pants after the loud explosion.

While the above incident shows the need for home-security in a relatively light-hearted and humorous manner, the following incident shows in stark terms what could happen to a loved one who may be living alone, not able to defend themselves, and are lacking a proper system that is capable of not only scaring off criminals by sounding alarms to alert neighbors to the presence of ne’er-do-wells, but that is also capable of automatically contacting law enforcement so that they may arrive on the scene with all due haste.

Home Invasion Prevention

A security system would have gone a long way to prevent a disgusting and potentially tragic home invasion that occurred in Kennewick. This break-in involved three people who put a pillow case over an elderly woman’s head and duct-taped it in place. She was then tied to her reclining chair so that she could not interfere with the trio’s nefarious plans. All told, they ended up stealing several items, including cash and guns from the burgled home. It is a truly shocking crime in such a relatively low-key city that is known more for its serenity than its level of violence. Luckily, the woman managed to eventually alert neighbors and the three were arrested for their misdeeds. However, it is highly likely that the entire incident could have been avoided if a home-security system had been in place and the police could have been immediately alerted via a wireless (or even landline) link.

Police Activity

Kennewick police have a reputation for being very active in their community, always ready to listen to the concerns of the citizens who they are sworn to protect and to serve. They certainly have not been lulled into resting on their laurels due to the relative peace and calm that the city of Kennewick is mostly known for.

The Kennewick Police Department are proud members of Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers and can be reached via the following contact info:

211 W 6th Ave

Kennewick WA 99336

Business: 509-585-4208

Fax: 509-582-9528

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 509- 628-0333 While there are neighborhood watch programs in place, police urge caution against attempting to physically stop a crime themselves. They should instead report any suspicious activity to the proper authorities. Police started issuing these strong cautions after the George Zimmerman that happened elsewhere in the country. Watch programs should only be used for monitoring activity, not actively putting oneself into harm’s way. Security Is Easy To Find For those that have the foresight and the interest in buying a security system, there are many establishments in the area in which to buy one from. Systems offered range from the most basic of set-ups to high-tech surveillance options. A quick internet search engine query reveals five that come up immediately. These companies can be reached by using the following contact info: ADT Security ServiceAddress: 3311 W Clearwater Ave # D, Kennewick, WA 99336Phone: (509) 591-0628Moon Security Services Inc.Address: 515 W Clark St, Pasco, WA 99301Phone: (509) 492-2830ADTAddress: 100 N Morain St, Kennewick, WA 99336Phone: (509) 591-9228CWI Security Inc.Address: 8514 W Gage Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336Phone: (509) 736-1571ADT Authorized DealerAddress: 1321 N Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336Phone: (509) 293-9127 While nobody should bankrupt themselves when purchasing a home-security system, they should consider it a serious investment in not only their own safety but the safety of the family and the security of the valuable possessions as well. Kennewick has much to offer any individual or family seeking to relocate to the Pacific Northwest. It is ideal for lovers of nature while still offering all of the modern trappings that a larger city has to offer. However, just like everywhere else in the world, there are those that would seek to do another harm. In many cases, the easiest and most assured way to prevent such incidents from occurring is to have a professional home-security company install the best system that one’s budget can afford. While enjoying all that Kennewick can provide, make sure to not leave yourself open to easily preventable dangers.