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Should You Purchase a Security System to Protect Your Home?
Although it was ranked as number 11 in the 100 safest cities in America, Weston residents might still wonder whether purchasing a security system for their home is going to be a good idea. It never hurts to purchase a little extra security for the home and can help the homeowner protect their home. It can also help them save on their insurance costs. However, there are a few aspects of where they live that might help them avoid the need for a security system if they’d rather avoid the expense. This is definitely something to consider, although the more they do to protect their home the less likely they’ll become the victim of a crime. Crime Rates Within the City Weston is actually safer than 83% of the cities in Ameria, which is why it was ranked as number 11 in the 100 safest cities in America in 2016. In the city, a person has a one in 152 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Per each 1,000 residents, there are 1.67 burglaries, 4.56 thefts, and .36 motor vehicle thefts in a year on average. This is significantly lower than the average for Florida in general and means it is a relatively safe area for a person to live.  Crime Rates Within Their Neighborhood Crime rates can vary based on which neighborhood a person lives in. The Andytown area of Weston has the lowest crime rates for the city, while S Post Rd and Emerald Park Cir has the highest crime rates. A person living in the western part of the city will likely not have as much to worry about, but those who live in the easternmost parts of the city might want to go ahead and consider getting a security system for their home. A person can check online to see if their neighborhood falls under the safest ones in the city. Crime Types Within Their Neighborhood Along with knowing how likely it is for a crime to occur near them, a person will also want to know what types of crime are more likely to occur. This can help them determine not only whether they should have a security system, but what components they might want to have as well. For example, if theft is prevalent in their area, they might want to purchase security cameras to watch any belongings left outside of the home at night. A person can check online to see a crime map of their neighborhood that includes what types of crimes are occurring near them. Neighborhood Watch Programs Neighborhood watch programs are proven to help protect against crimes and may eliminate the need for a monitored security system. Some residents, however, will want to still purchase security cameras for their home to help with the neighborhood watch program as photos or videos of suspicious activity can be helpful for the police. A homeowner can find a current neighborhood watch program for their neighborhood online and get involved or start their own if there isn’t one near them yet. The local police department can provide tips to help them get started. Proximity to Police Station Homes close to the police station often have a lowered chance of a crime occurring since the police response time is going to be faster than areas that are further away. A burglar won’t want to risk breaking into these homes as they have a higher chance of being caught, so a homeowner living very close to the police station might not need to worry about a security system. Some thieves, however, are willing to take the chance, so living nearby isn’t certain to protect the homeowner completely. The Decision to Purchase a Security System Homeowners might be able to obtain a variety of benefits if they own a security system for their home. Even though this is a safer city to live in, they can often obtain a discount on their homeowner’s insurance if they have a monitored security system for their home. On top of this, it can provide evidence if a crime does occur and can help ensure the response time is as fast as possible by alerting the police quickly to a crime. Some security systems can even allow the homeowner to watch what’s happening at their home through a mobile phone app so they can always check on their home. Choosing a Monitored Security System There are many companies that will install and monitor a security system for a homeowner. This is often the easiest way to set up a security system and gives the homeowner the chance to ensure there is always someone watching their home for them. A homeowner who wants a basic security system or who wants to ensure they have the latest features might want to look into a monitored system for their home. Choosing a Do-It-yourself Security System These security systems are often preferred in low-crime areas as the homeowner can choose just the components they want and can use them for more than just a security system. A homeowner might install cameras outside of their home, for example, and be alerted to any activity so they’ll know exactly when the delivery person arrives or their child gets home from school. These are often more flexible and allow the homeowner to do more than just secure their home. The crime rate is low in Weston, but that doesn’t mean a homeowner can just ignore the crime that does occur. If a homeowner wants to ensure they have the lowest chance of being the victim of a property crime, they’re going to want to go ahead and purchase a security system for their home. The points above can help any homeowner determine if this is something they should do. Take the time to consider adding a security system to your home today to ensure you’re as safe as possible.