ADT Mount Vernon, New York

A Guide To Assessing Criminal Statistics And Why You Need Home Security
Data for Mount Vernon, New York shows a population of 68,628. The residents that make up this population face daily risks associated with a higher than average crime rate. After the collection of criminal statistics, the city was assigned a crime index rating of 28. The rating only indicates that it is 28% safer than other cities that are the same size. The crime rate shows some serious risks for the local homeowners and why they must acquire a home security system. The following is a guide for assessing criminal statistics and why you need home security. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Mount Vernon According to criminal statistics, there were 482 violent crimes committed in Mount Vernon last year. These statistics show that at least 7 out of every 1,000 residents were victims of a violent crime. Next, there were 1,157 property-related crimes. These statistics show that at least 16 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of property-related crimes. Overall, there were 1,639 crimes committed throughout the city of Mount Vernon in the last year. These statistics show that at least 23 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of some type of crime in Mount Vernon last year. In contrast, among the violent crimes that were committed, there were two murders, 37 rapes, 129 robberies, and 314 physical assaults. These statistics show that one out of every 142 residents was a victim of a violent crime. Next, among the property-related crimes, there were 229 home invasions, 805 property thefts, and 123 automobile thefts. These statistics show that one in every 59 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. Overall, there were 372 crimes committed per square mile in the city of Mount Vernon in the year. These statistics show a real need for home security for homeowners to mitigate the risk of becoming a victim of a violent or property-related crime. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? The city of Mount Vernon has been the location of many protests over the years for the group who call themselves SNUG. This group is an anti-gun organization that has been protesting in the area since Mayor Richard Thomas started campaigning on the platform. Since these protests started a 28-year-old man was shot and killed in August of this year. He was shot during protests that turned violent at an accelerated rate. In January eight members of a local street gang were arrested for racketeering. The gang known as Boss Playa Family has been involved with numerous crimes throughout the city including violent acts as well as embezzlement, racketeering, money laundering, and fraud. The gang has increased risks for local residents and homeowners. These dangerous crimes show a real need for homeowners to take action and install a home security system now. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current state of the local housing market is classified as hot. This indicates that properties are selling quickly, but property owners aren’t acquiring higher than average profits off their homes.The current average home value is $401,700. This value is based on the unit price of $131. According to reports, the market values declined by 0.05% in the last year. While projections show an increase of around 2.5% in the upcoming year, there aren’t any guarantees. These rates could indicate that homeowners won’t acquire the full mortgage price when selling. This could present them with difficulties if they want to purchase properties in another location in the future. This could lead to increased crime in the city and lower property values even more. These factors indicate a need for home security for homeowners who choose to stay in the city. This will provide heightened protection for their property and investment. The systems could also lower the risk of property damage that reduces the property values to an all-time low. A home security system can stop homeowners from facing a major loss and from becoming the victim of a violent crime. Are There Sex Offenders Living in Mount Vernon? Yes, there are currently two registered sex offenders living in Mount Vernon. The current ratio between residents and sex offenders is 33,948 to 1. These offenders live nearby the South 9th Avenue region. This increases risks for homeowners in this locations. Additionally, the offenses in which these offenders were arrested include but are not limited to first-degree rape and child molestation. According to statistics, the second of these offenders is currently facing new charges. These imminent risks to local families present a new reason to install a home security system. These systems lower common risks such as blind spots that enable intruders to seek entry undetected. These systems provide parents with monitors throughout their home that allows them to see all camera feeds at any time. They can also access the footage through a DVR or online server. Are There Prisons in or Near Mount Vernon? The Vermon C. Bain Center and Rikers Island Correctional Centers are located nearby Mount Vernon. These facilities house some of the most dangerous inmates in New York. They present homeowners with a real threat and need to install home security today. In Mount Vernon, New York, homeowners face serious risks that could threaten their livelihood. These risks include a large collection of violent and property-related crimes. Homeowners who need to install a home security system due to these risks contact a local provider now.