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A Review Of Criminal Statistics Denoting A Demand For Home Security Systems
With a population of 102,189, Clovis, California is among the larger cities in the state. As such, it isn’t without its risks. The city was assigned a crime index of 18, which indicates that it is 18% safer than other U.S. cities of the same size. However, this rating indicates that homeowners need home security to protect against local risks. The following is a review of criminal statistics denoting a demand for home security systems. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Clovis According to statistics, there were 245 violent crimes committed in the city. This indicates that 2.40 out of every 1,000 residents were victims of a violent in this city. Next, there were 3,080 property-related crimes committed. This shows that 30.14 out of every 1,000 residents was a victim of a property-related crime. As a whole, there was a total of 3,325 crimes committed in the city. This indicates that 32.54 out of every 1,000 residents became the victim of a crime in the city. In contrast, the violence crimes reported were one murder, 40 rapes, 48 robberies, and 156 physical assaults. These statistics indicate 1 out of every 417 residents was the victim of a violent crime. Next, the property-related crimes reported were 791 home invasions, 2,067 property thefts, and 222 automobile thefts. These statistics indicate that one in every 33 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. As a whole, there were 143 crimes committed per square mile. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current state of the local housing market indicates increases in value and sales. This indicates real prosperity for homeowners. The average value of these properties is $293,000. This indicates that the value is based on $161 per square foot. The market has increased by 4.6% in the last year. Predictions identify the potential of growth at a rate of 3.6%. The average rental price for local properties is $1,598. With a stable market, this lowers the risk of crime-based on home values and sales. Trends indicate that when a local housing market is cold or unstable, that crime rates may increase due to desperation and unhappiness among owners. However, areas in which crime rates are high present risks to homeowners even when the market is stable. These homeowners must review security systems that provide them with the best possible protection. Are There Any Sex Offenders Living in Clovis? Yes, there are currently 95 sex offenders in Clovis. In comparison between offenders and residents, the ratio is 1,038 to 1. The most predominant offenses for which these offenders were convicted were sex offenses involving children under the age of 14 and date rape. These offenses increase the risks for homeowners in this area. According to the rate at which these offenses occurred, homeowners must install home security systems to prevent the potential of repeat offenses. They need security systems that prevent access to their children via entry points around the property. The homeowner needs a system that enables quick access to law enforcement and takes children out of harm’s way. Are There Prisons in or Near the City? The Clovis City Jail is located in this city. It presents potential risks due to the possibility of attempted or successful escapes. However, the city is in close proximity to the California Correctional Peace facility as well as the Fresno County jail. The increased rate of an inmate population could present further risks for these property owners and families. For this reason, it is vital for homeowners to install security systems to address all probable risks associated with these jails and prisons. What Type of Security System is Best for Residential Properties? The type of security system that is most suited for a residential property depends on a few vital factors. The size of the property and the range of internet connections. For example, larger properties will need a wired security system based on the need to connect to the network. While it is possible to use wireless connections in the property, it would require additional equipment that could prove costly. For this reason, owners of large properties should consider the benefits of wired home security systems. The ability to hide and protect wires and cables used for the security system also play a role in this decision. Intruders who realize that the home has a security system will look for exterior access to these cables. If they gain it, they could tamper with the connection or the cameras. The homeowner must access the security of these connections when choosing a system as well. Finally, they must consider the exact features they want. If they want to connect via remote connections, they may need a wireless design. This could reduce the need for extensive cabling that could hinder the aesthetics of the property. However, a wired system could also present them with these connections without problems if they are hidden behind walls. These connections give homeowners access to smart home features as well. These features provide control over the security system, intercoms, and locking mechanisms throughout the property. These features are often used to deter home invasions as well. In Clovis, California, homeowners face immeasurable risks. These risks include a high crime rate, nearby prisons and jails, and a high volume of sexual predators These risks denote a real need to protect the property and the family more proactively. Homeowners who need to install home security systems contact a provider now.