ADT Palm Coast, Florida

Is a Security System Warranted Where You Live?
The city of Palm Coast is relatively small, with only around 82,000 residents. It’s close to St.Augustine as well as the east coastline so it’s easy for those who live there to spend the day at the beach just about whenever they want. The city was first incorporated in 1999, which means it is a relatively new city. Those who live there, however, might want to consider getting a security system to ensure their home is protected whether or not they’re home. This is a good thing to consider no matter where a person lives, and there are a few questions a person might want to consider to see if this is something they’ll want to do. What is the Crime Like in the City? Property crime is a concern for many homeowners. This includes burglaries, car theft, and other crimes that aren’t violent. In Palm Coast, a person has a one in 58 chance of being the victim of a property crime. The city is rated with a crime index of 37 out of a possible 100, which means it’s not close to being the safest city in America, but it is safer than 37% of cities. With the lower crime index, however, comes the need to at least consider a security system as the homeowner will want to ensure they’re not one of the ones who becomes a victim of a property crime. Which Neighborhoods are Safer to Live in? Some neighborhoods are more prone to crime than others so it’s a good idea for a person to take a look at online crime maps to learn where their home falls within this. Those who live in the northwest or eastern side of the city may see lower crime rates while the center of the city has the largest amount of crime, as does the lower half of the city. Those who live in the areas with the lower crime rates might not have to worry about a security system as much as someone who lives in more crime-prone areas. What is the Crime Like in Their Neighborhood? Along with the above question, it’s important for a person to take a deeper look into their neighborhood. Websites now offer maps that include information on what crimes occurred where and when. A person can look at the crime map for their neighborhood to see what types of crimes have recently taken place near them, as well as just how close to home the crimes are occurring. If they notice a large number of burglaries or other property crimes near their home, it’s going to be a good idea for them to go ahead and invest in a security system. Is There a Neighborhood Watch Program? Homeowners who live within an area that has a neighborhood watch have a lowered chance of anything occurring at their home. This is because neighbors are always watching the neighborhood for anything unusual and reporting it to the police department right away. Palm Coast has a few different neighborhood watch programs, so it’s a good idea for a person to find out if there’s one in their neighborhood and how they can get involved. They might want to take the time to start their own if there isn’t already one in their neighborhood as this is proven to help reduce crime. Should the Homeowner Purchase a Monitored System or a DIY System? Because of the crime index and perhaps because of the specific neighborhood, a homeowner might decide to go ahead and purchase a security system for their home. Often, these systems are not expensive to start and can include other features the homeowner might be interested in. It’s a good idea for the homeowner to consider both monitored systems and DIY systems to ensure they find the right one for their needs. Monitored Systems – A monitored system is one that connects to a security company and is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure anything that happens will be detected immediately and to ensure the police are contacted as soon as anything happens. A professional will handle the installation of any features the homeowner wants, and the homeowner will then be able to relax knowing there is always someone watching their home, even if they’re not at home.DIY Systems – These systems offer a wider variety of options, but the homeowner must monitor it themselves. This means they might not know the moment a burglary is occurring, for example, and won’t be able to contact the police while it’s happening. However, they may be able to get video footage of the culprit and contact the police with that information. They might also want to look into systems that will alert them via notifications on their phone whenever any activity is detected while the system is connected so they can monitor their own home even when they’re away. What Alarm Systems are Available? A homeowner who chooses a monitored alarm system will need to contact a company to have it installed and to have it monitored. There are actually a few different security companies in Palm Coast that can help a homeowner with this. ADT, Alarmpro, Security Pro, and others offer expert advice on which features to choose, professional installations, and secure 24/7 monitoring of the home. A homeowner will want to contact the company of their choice to learn more and to schedule a time to have their security system installed. If you’re a homeowner in Palm Coast, it might be a good idea to consider a security system for your home. It may also be a good idea to look into a neighborhood watch for your area or go ahead and start one. Both of these can reduce the chance you’ll be the victim of a crime and can help you feel more secure in your home.