ADT Ogden, Utah

Addressing Increasing Crime Rates in High-Risk Ogden Neighborhoods
The city of Ogden, Utah, located just forty miles north of the state’s capital city, has a long history as one of the area’s most important railway hubs. It is still a popular area for manufacturing and general commerce. Much of the city’s industry takes place in its western reaches, whee the Business Depot Ogden, an over 1,000 acre business park, is located. These largely industrial areas are known to experience more crime than their strictly residential counterparts. In recent decades the city has seen a spike in residents belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as Mormons, due to the construction of a temple in 1972. Although Ogden is a fairly large city, with almost 85,000 permanent residents, it is surpassed in population within the state by Salt Lake City and several of its suburbs. Some of the most highly populated neighborhoods in the city include City Center, Marriott, and Evona. None of these neighborhoods, however, rank among the city’s safest. Statistically speaking, the areas that experience the least crime are those in the extreme northeast reaches, and those to the southeast. Overall Ogden is not a particularly safe place to live. Its residents become victims of violent crime at a rate slightly higher than the national average, and almost twice Utah’s state average. Rates of property crime are similarly above-average. In recent years, local police have been working more closely with the public to crime in high-risk neighborhoods. The establishment of the Jefferson Avenue Neighborhood Watch is the most recent step taken to encourage collaboration between the authorities and the community in fighting crime. The area covered by the watch has seen an increase in incidences of property theft in recent years. In the first half of 2015, 54 calls were placed to police reporting burglaries of unlocked homes and thefts of cars and bicycles. During the first half of 2016, 71 calls were placed. It’s important to note that the majority of these crimes were what the police consider crimes of opportunity. Garages, homes, and vehicles were targeted specifically because they were not locked. In addition to stepping up patrols and encouraging community participation in crime prevention, the local police also encourage residents of the area to remember to lock everything up, and not leave valuables, or even bicycles, out where potential burglars can see them. One officer also notes that motion sensor lights are an effective way to prevent crime. The police themselves have set up cameras in order to monitor the area. This measure has already shown some success, as they were able to capture a photograph of a thief stealing a bike and were later able to apprehend him. Concerned citizens may want to take the authorities’ lead and consider purchasing security cameras for their homes if they live in a high-risk area. Security cameras act as effective deterrents to crime, not only for their owners, but also for neighbors in the area. Burglars are less likely to target houses if they know there is a high chance that they are being watched. When even the neighboring house has security cameras, burglars know that they are more likely to be apprehended after the fact due to video or photographic evidence. In some circumstances, adequate security systems can help to protect a households’ residents as well as its physical possessions. One short string of burglaries in September ended with a SWAT team surrounding a home with three burglars, and the home’s residents, still inside. This home invasion was not the first the suspects had performed that night. They had first broken into a home around the intersection of 2100 South and Tyler, demanding money and drugs from the people living there and stealing some of their property before the police were able to arrive. One man was assaulted, but did not require medical attention. Several hours later and three miles away near 200 East and 30th St, the police responded to gunshots fired in the area. Several witnesses informed the officers that the three suspects had forced their way into a home after firing shots outside of the residence. Outside the home, the Ogden Metro SWAT team assembled. Inside, four residents were hiding from the intruders. They were removed safely, although one was injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Three suspects were eventually extricated from the home as well, and are now facing charges for aggravated robbery and burglary. Although the police response to the incident was admirable, and the officers were able to ensure that no residents of the homes involved were hurt, the incident should be a wake-up call to residents and their families. Neither of the homes in question were cited as having burglar alarms or other security technologies in place. Companies providing home security services in Ogden include Mountain Alarm on 3293 Harrison Boulevard. Security companies in nearby Orem, such as Industrial Camera Systems and Tech Force National, can be of help to residents in establishing better security systems as well. Some national carriers such as SafeStreets, USA, and Northstar Alarm Services, LLC also provide services within city limits. It’s important for residents of known high-crime areas to play an active role in providing for their own home security, and that of their communities. Many choose to join Neighborhood Watch programs in addition to installing basic alarm packages, knowing that a safer community means safer households within that community as well. The police have recently been encouraging residents to call their tip line if they have information about potential burglary suspects: 1-801-TIP-A-COP.