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How Criminal Statistics Present Valid Reasons For Installing Home Security Systems

According to criminal statistics, there were 420 violent crimes and 1,434 property-related crimes committed in Lynwood last year.

The recent presidential election has led to several protests. In the Lynwood area, these protests have become violent. Several protesters have produced serious property damage and personal injuries. The same has occurred with further protesting against police shootings throughout California. The Lynwood area and surrounding areas have seen their fair share of criminal activities including looting and rioting due to the continuation of these protests. In addition, there have been several Black Lives Matter protests that have also resulted in a multitude of arrests.

There are currently 57 registered sex offenders living in the city of Lynwood. The current ratio between residents and sex offenders is 1,241 to 1. The offenses that were predominant among these sex offenders were child molestation, lascivious acts with a child less than 14, rape, and oral copulation with a child. The highest concentration of sex offenders in the city is south of California Avenue.

Homeowners must take action to protect themselves. The heightened risk of property damage increases the need for home security through ADT Lynwood, California. This mitigates risks and lowers the probability of decreased property values. Home security is also necessary to prevent local homeowners and their families from becoming victims of unfortunate circumstances. A home security system provides adequate security to alert the security provider if an intruder is around the property. It also helps the homeowner monitor the property from work.

Statistics indicate that 5.83 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of a violent crime in the city last year. Next, there were 1,434 property-related crimes in the city. These statistics show that 19.92 out of every 1,000 residents were the victim of a property-related crime. Overall, there were 1,854 crimes that were committed in Lynwood. These statistics show that 25.75 out of every 1,000 residents were a victim of a crime last year in Lynwood.

In contrast, among the violent crimes, there were 5 murders, 18 rapes, 152 robberies, and 245 physical assaults reported in Lynwood last year. These statistics indicate that 1 out of every 171 residents was a victim of a violent crime. Next, there were 294 home invasions, 492 property-related thefts, and 648 auto thefts that included carjackings. These statistics show that 1 out of every 50 residents was the victim of a property-related crime. Overall, there were 383 crimes committed per square mile in the city of Lynwood.

Furthermore, homeowners should take into account their proximity to local detention centers when considering if they should purchase a home security system. Century Regional Detention Facility is located nearby this city. It houses juvenile offenders accused of various crimes. The facility presents a real risk for homeowners based on statistics implying that a portion of the inmates has committed dangerous or violent crimes. In the event of an escape from the facility, inmates are more likely attempt to escape recapture by locating a place to hide. In a larger majority of these circumstances, the inmates often choose to break into local properties to seek refuge. This places all local homeowners at risk. A home security system could present them with a better line of protection against this invasions.

In Lynwood, California, homeowners assess their risk of becoming victims of serious crimes by reviewing current statistics. These statistics show a real need for home security in the city. This need is based on a higher than average crime rate. Homeowners who want to acquire a security system to lower their risks contact a local provider today.


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