ADT Provo, Utah

People In Provo, Utah Live In A Very Desirable City
The residents of Provo, Utah live in a very desirable city with good job opportunities and beautiful scenery. The third largest city in Utah has an increasing population and plenty of colleges to attend. The population is steadily growing as people move there for the wonderful weather and great career opportunities. It boasts a low crime rate of only 2,039 property crimes per 100,000 residents. The crime rate is 18% lower than the national average. So, this is a safe town to live in, but home security can still be a good idea to pursue. Though Provo is a low crime city, there has been an increase in gang activity in the last few years. There are three main gangs in Provo including the Provo Varrio Locos, the Raza Jalisco Criminales, and the Alley Boy Gangsters. They go after middle school and high school teens to recruit them because the young are more impressionable and easy to lead. The main crime of the gangs so far is tagging fences and buildings. The police department is trying to limit the rise in gangs and the crime that they bring to towns and cities. Practical Home Security Measures. Families interested in home security can start by doing the simple common sense things, then decide if a security camera or alarm system would be a good addition. Start the home security project by cleaning up the yard and area surrounding the house to remove hiding places. This may include trimming back shrubs and trees to give the police a good line of vision from the street. Next get good quality deadbolt locks for all the doors and secure latches for all windows. Every window should have a screen as a line of defense when the window is open for fresh air. The sliding patio door is often overlooked but should be made secure with a purchased or homemade security pole to insert between the door frame and the inside slider so it can not be forced open. Some people find that they feel more secure replacing sliding doors with french doors that can be more securely locked. A family dog is not only an enjoyable family member but a good security measure. Dogs bark when they sense danger or someone trying to break into a home. This can deter some thieves. Another common sense measure for home security is for the neighbors to get to know one another. When one knows the neighbors it is easier to spot strangers lurking around homes up and down the street. Neighbors can watch each other’s homes when one or another goes on vacation or travels for work. Neighborhood organizations also make neighborhoods safer and more enjoyable to live in. A neighbor who knows the homeowner is more likely to call the police if a strange car pulls into the driveway and attempts to enter the house or steal packages left on the doorstep. Security Cameras And Alarm Systems New homes can be built with internet based security and smart home features as part of the home mechanics. The homeowner can check on their home on a smartphone or computer at work or even on vacation. These programs can allow the homeowner to turn the heat or air conditioning up or down remotely. Lights can be turned on as a person approaches the house. The apps can even lock or unlock the house doors. These systems can detect smoke and fire hazards or high levels of carbon monoxide and worn the homeowner remotely. They can also sound an alarm to the owner that the doors or windows have been breached. These systems often include security cameras so the homeowner can remotely view each room in the house. The only downside of these systems is that there are dishonest computer hackers who can disable these systems. Wireless and systems connected to the home’s wiring can be disabled by determined thieves. Since many existing and older homes do not have the option of built in security systems, owners need to purchase systems that will work for them and their lifestyles. There is a wide range of systems to choose from. On the low budget end of the scale, are small security cameras that can be wired into a home or be battery operated. They can be as low as $50.00 and can record video and audio when their motion sensors are alerted. They have a good distance range and can be very hard to spot. There is a little camera that looks like a Bluetooth and attaches anywhere with velcro. There are cameras that are hidden in doorbells, smoke alarms, and coat hooks. They store information to be downloaded to a smartphone or computer. They only record what happens. Whole house full security systems can be purchased from and monitored off-site by security companies. These systems appeal to many people who want home security they can depend on and are not comfortable installing and monitoring their own system. These security systems usually include security cameras, a control panel, sensors at doors and windows, motion sensors, a panic button, and signs to put in the yard or on doors and windows stating the home is protected by the security company. The security company can install and monitor the systems off site and contact the police if they detect trouble like a break in. These systems can have features to detect fire, carbon monoxide, health emergencies, and other problems, all at a price. For more security information, go to the website.