Home Security: A Detailed Comparison of ADT & Vivint

Most people need a go-to pizza parlor. Those same people will probably never say that one pizza parlor is exactly like another. This could be compared to some of the best home security companies out there. All of these companies are going to have something interesting to offer. Of course, some aspects of a home security system may seem like a topping that everyone hates. The following is a quick comparison between ADT and Vivint. Both companies offer three tier packages.

A Closer Look at ADT

First Tier

The first tier for ADT security services is referred to as the basic plan. The monthly installment that comes with this particular package is just $36.99. Homeowners will be entitled to the following installations:

  • A state-of-the-art control panel
  • One adjustable motion detector
  • Six sensors for the doors or windows

It should be noted that the homeowner will not have to pay for the equipment, which is a big plus for anyone’s wallet. Of course, the installation costs $99 dollars, but the savings on the equipment should be enough to cover that.

The only setback is that this service is landline based. Yes, a landline is usually secure, but a burglar with enough experience could manipulate the line and make the system inoperable. Still, ADT does take precautions like encasing the line among other measures.

Second Tier

The second tier package is referred to as the CellGuard protection service. The installation fee is just $99.00, and the monthly monitoring fee is $48.99. The equipment will end up costing the homeowner some money, but the prices on the equipment vary, meaning that the homeowner needs to call to find out this information. It might be wise to call more than once to see if the prices change.

The equipment will include the following:

  • A state-of-the-art control panel
  • One motion detector
  • Six sensors for doors or windows
  • A keychain remote control
  • One downloadable app that allows the homeowner to stay connected to his or her security system

It should be noted that this package is installed through a cellular connection rather than a landline.

Third Tier

The third tier is called the ADT Pulse. The installation starts at $199.00, and the price for the equipment varies. The monthly fee to monitor this particular package of protection jumps to $52.99. Surely, all of these numbers are already giving most homeowners a bit of a headache, but the package does come with the following:

  • The state-of-the-art control panel
  • ADT’s motion detector
  • A grand total of 10 sensors for doors or windows
  • The mobile application connected to the system
  • A remote controller

The monitoring method involves a cellular connection, which is arguably more reliable than landline monitoring.

Exploring Vivint’s Options

Vivint is a popular home security business and one of the best home security companies, but homeowner’s should know a little about the packages offered and how they compare to ADT’s.

First Tier

The first tier is Vivint’s basic package, which is called the Vivint Starter. The starter package cost $39.99 to monitor, which is a little more than ADT’s price. Homeowners should also be aware that the installation fee is a $399.00. This price is said to be fair due to the level of diligence and the team’s expertise. Of course, the equipment is completely free, and it includes the following:

  • A touch-screen control panel (already included)
  • Adjustable motion detectors
  • A number of sensors for doors and windows
  • Connected smoke detectors
  • Sensors to detect any glass broken
  • Light/small appliance modules

Owners who opt for this plan can choose up to five of the listed items. One thing that Vivint has over ADT is that its basic plan is cellular.

Second Tier

The second tier is called the Smart Project. Installation is only $99.00 while the monthly installments are $49.99. The equipment is free, unlike ADT’s second tier plan. Homeowners can expect the following in their package:

  • A touch-screen and state of the art control panel (already included)
  • Motion detectors for the home
  • Sensors for doors and windows
  • Connected smoke detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Light or small appliance module

Owners of this particular plan are entitled to seven items from the list. This plan is founded on cellular support, but it does not come with a downloadable application like the ADT plan.

Third Tier

The last tier is referred to as the Smart Control package. The package installation starts at $99.00, but it can go up. This is drastically different from ADT’s $199.00 fee. The monthly monitoring will end up costing $60.99, which is a little more than ADT’s plan. The equipment is free again, which is another point in its favor.

Homeowners will be allowed to choose up to nine of the following items:

  • Motion detectors
  • Door or window sensors
  • Connected smoke detectors
  • Glass break sensors just in case
  • Light or small appliance modules

The package will also come with up to two of the following:

  • Vivint’s doorbell camera
  • High-quality indoor camera
  • Thermostat
  • Door locks and deadbolts
  • A garage door controller

Of course, some homeowners just opt to get the outdoor camera space monkey instead of any item on the second list. Keep in mind that the touch-screen control panel is already included. The package is monitored cellularly and comes with a downloadable application to monitor the system on the phone.

This comparison should make it easier to choose between these two systems.