ADT Westminster, Colorado

How Important is Home Security in Westminster, Colorado?
The city of Westminster, located about nine miles to the northwest of Denver, is the seventh-most populous city in Colorado. Well over 100,000 people call it home, and its population only continues to rise. Much of the population influx is due to the state’s recent decision to legalize recreational marijuana. An amendment to the state’s constitution, passed in 2012, makes it legal for those who wish to do so to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use. Before Colorado passed this controversial amendment, many were concerned that the legalization of marijuana would lead to increased crime rates. Thankfully, this has not been the case on a state level. Westminster is no exception; residents’ and visitors’ chances of becoming a victim of any form of crime are about comparable to other cities of its size across the nation, and rates of violent crime are actually slightly lower than the national average. One noticeable effect of the passing of Amendment 64, generally considered to be quite fortuitous by those who are enjoying the subsequent economic boost, is a steadily growing population across the state. Westminster is no exception. In both quarters of 2012, the number of homes being sold within city limits saw a dramatic rise. This should be no surprise, considering that the city ranks on several Best Places to Live lists, both for families and individuals. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its fair share of problems. No city is perfect. Levels of property crime in the city are slightly higher than average, primarily due the city’s high rate of motor vehicle theft. Statistically speaking, one in every 355 residents will become a victim of motor vehicle theft. When out enjoying the city’s beautiful architecture, or the area’s many open spaces, it’s always smart to lock vehicles and employ anti-theft devices. At home, many feel safer with their vehicles locked behind closed doors. Most homeowners and renters across the country realize that their homes, and their families, need to be protected against burglary and other forms of home invasion. Often, however, garages are one area of the home that goes overlooked. This is problematic not only due to the increased risk of motor vehicle theft, but also because garages provide a popular entrance point for burglars looking to enter the home itself. Wireless garage door alarms are a simple way to protect valuable vehicles, tools, and other equipment most frequently kept in a family’s garage, and to prevent burglars from finding an easy entrance point. These alarms work by monitoring the tilt of the garage door, triggering an alarm when the system has not been deactivated. They can be connected to a more extensive home security system, or even monitored externally so that proper authorities can be notified even when no one is at home. Many choose to avoid the potential for false alarms and unnecessary police responses by setting their systems to simply alert them when the garage door is open via a visual announcement on the indoor security system’s keypad. Some nationwide carriers provide their clients with the option of having garage door alarms hard-wired into their security systems, including Vivint and ADT. Of course the intensity of precautions taken against both vehicular theft and home invasion should be dependent on the home’s location. Residents living near the city’s one police station, located at 9110 Yates Street in Westpark Center, may feel less inclined to put in the extra investment of money and time necessary to take such extensive precautions. As in most cities, the areas directly surrounding the police station do experience less crime. Those living near Westpark Center, Cedarwood Square, Hidden Lake Center, and other areas in the southern portion of the city enjoy lessened chances of becoming a victim of any sort of crime. Those living within the limited jurisdiction of the city’s only Neighborhood Watch program may also find that they sleep better at night, knowing that at the very least their neighbors have their families’ safety in mind. Unfortunately the program’s office is located only two miles away from the police department on Raleigh Street, also in the southern end of the city, leaving much of the north comparatively unprotected. The limited scope of what actions Neighborhood Watch programs are allowed to take does not stop them from deterring criminals. In comparison, areas like Hilltop, Cotton Creek, and Wallace Village all see somewhat elevated crime rates. Chances of a resident’s home being burglarized, or another form of property crime such as simple theft being committed in these areas is much higher. The crimes committed here help to account for the city’s slightly higher than average rates. One out of 35 people in Westminster will become victims of a property crime; a noticeably higher number than those associated with violent crimes in the area. These numbers have all remained relatively consistent over the years, despite population growth and a spike in the number of people moving to the area from out of state and even internationally. Westminster is certainly not the most dangerous urban area to be living in, even considering its relatively small size, but it is not safe enough to merit a failure to take appropriate security precautions. Installing a home security system, even if it is in the form of simple wireless sensors and alarms, can go a long way toward protecting valuables and inhabitants alike. The small investment required for this extra level of protection is one most residents consider worthwhile.