ADT Camarillo, California

Identifying Local Risks That Show A Need For Home Security Systems
Camarillo, California consists of a population that includes 67,908 citizens. The current crime index rating is 40 which indicates that the city is safer than other California cities of this same population. However, the rating doesn’t indicate that it has a low crime rate. In fact, this rate implies that homeowners are still at a greater risk of becoming the victim of violent crimes and home invasions. The following are details that identify local risks that show a need for home security systems. What Current Criminal Statistics Say About Camarillo According to the current criminal statistics, there were 114 violent crimes committed in Camarillo last year. These statistics indicate that at least one out of every 1,000 residents was a victim of a violent crime in the city. Next, there were 1,131 property-related crimes committed. These statistics indicate that at least 16 out of every 1,000 residents were victims of property-related crimes. Overall, there were 1,245 crimes committed in the city of Camarillo in the past year. These statistics show that at least 18 out of every 1,000 residents were victims of some form of crime inside Camarillo. In contrast, among the violent crimes committed in Camarillo, there were two murders, 16 rapes, 30 robberies, and 66 physical assaults. These statistics indicate that one out of every 593 residents was a victim of a violent crime. Next, among the property-related crimes, there were 218 home invasions, 851 property thefts, and 62 automobile thefts. These statistics reflect that one out of every 60 residents was a victim of a property-related crime in the city. Overall, the statistics show that 64 crimes were committed per square mile of the city of Camarillo in the last year. Were There Any Violent Protests or Violent Crimes in the Local News? While the city of Camarillo itself wasn’t the site of violent protests, several surrounding cities were. According to reports a multitude of areas including Oakland that were the location of violent protests in which at leats 20 or more individuals were arrested. These protests were in relation to the recent election and others occurred during the campaigns. These protests ended in violence with multiple injuries, rioting, looting, and serious property damage for surrounding areas. These emerging events that seem to have become regular events for Southern California could produce a serious risk for homeowners in these areas. For these reasons, all local property owners must consider the need for security systems to reduce the potential loss associated with these events. They show a greater risk of home invasions, property vandalism, and possible violent acts against other residents. These security systems could provide early warning of potential threats as they enter the exterior of the property. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? The current state of the local housing market indicates that there is the potential for growth and stable property values. The average price for local properties is $572,000. This value is based on the current unit price of $328 per square foot. According to reports, the market shows that it experienced an increase of 2% and has a projected increase of 3.2% in the upcoming year. Currently, the average rental price for Camarillo is around $2,498. While the market is stable, it shows an invaluable reason for homeowners to get security systems installed to protect these values. Their property can retain value if homeowners do their part to reduce local crime. As crime increases, these home values will decrease. Home security systems mitigate these risks and keep the market more stable for everyone. Are There Sex Offenders Living in Camarillo? Yes, the city of Camarillo has 47 sex offenders living in the area. The current ratio reflecting a comparison between citizens and sex offenders is 1,404 to 1. The highest concentration of sex offenders living in this area is around the mid-eastern portion of the city. Among the most prevailing offense in which these individuals were convicted include but are not limited to possession and distribution of child pornography, the continued sexual abuse of a minor child, rape, rape during incapacitation, and lascivious acts involving a child under 14 years of age. These offenses indicate a stronger risk to children under the age of 14 and women living in these areas. All homeowners are encouraged to consider the benefits of installing a home security system. These options could lower their risks of becoming the victim of a violent crime. Families are encouraged to consider security systems that provide better opportunities to monitor the property and children when parents are away. These systems could mitigate the most risks and give parents immediate access to their children and their property via remote connections. Are There Prisons in or Near Camarillo? The Ventura Youth Correctional Facility, Ventura Conservation Camp, Ventura County Jail, and California Department of Corrections are located nearby the city of Camarillo. These facilities could pose a threat to local residents in the event of an escape from the facility or during work release programs. Statistics show that these escapes often affect properties within 10 miles from the facilities the most. This presents a higher risk of a home invasion and possible violent actions. In Camarillo, California, although the index rating indicates a safer city than most, homeowners in this area need home security systems. These systems provide them with the opportunity to monitor their homes more closely and reduce possible risks. Homeowners who need a home security system contact local providers right now.