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Exploring Reasons Why Homeowners Need Security Systems In Visalia, CA
The city of Visalia, California has a current population of 129,281. It possesses a crime index of sixteen percent with a rate of 100% ranking as a safer community. This means that it is a safer location than sixteen percent of the largest cities in the country. However, this doesn’t exclude the need for a security system in local homes. In fact, it presents a greater need based on local crime statistics. It is these statistics that show a decreased rate of home invasions among properties that have these system installed. The following is an explanation of why homeowners need security systems in this city. How Do Crime Statistics Affect Security Requirements? Currently, the annual rate of violent crimes in this city is 498. Next, the current annual rate of property-related crimes reflects 4,014. This is a total of 4,512 crimes in this city each year. This equates to 3.85 violent crimes per 1,000 individuals living in the city and 31.05 crimes that involved homes. With these statistics, it shows that residents are more likely to experience a home invasion than they are violent crimes in the streets of the city. For this reason, they need security systems to reduce these risks. The Statistics for Local Gun Owners According to statistics, at least 43% of the male population and 35% of the female population in this city own guns. However, does gun ownership guarantee safety? As compared to cities with higher rates of gun ownership, the city could reduce potential crimes if gun owners acquired training course for gun safety and proper use. However, gun ownership doesn’t guarantee that a home invasion won’t happen. Homes without security systems remain at a greater risk of these crimes than those without protection. The installation of a home security system could provide these gun owners a better chance of survival. The way in which the systems are designed gives the homeowner faster notice that an intruder is near their property. It also alerts them of any disturbances around entry points. Despite ownership of guns, these firearms alone cannot help homeowners secure their residence most effectively. How Does Increasing Market Values Affect Morale in Neighborhoods? When market values are lowered, neighborhoods could experience a higher rate of crimes. The reason behind this is that the homeowners are losing value in their most important financial investment. If the neighborhood becomes violent, these values decrease drastically. This lowers morale among neighborhoods and could present a higher crime rate due to desperation to get out. It presents a catch 22 for homeowners who want to move to a safer neighborhood. They cannot sell their property for its value, but if they don’t sell it, they are locked into an unsafe area. Are Neighborhood Watch Programs Effective Enough? Neighborhood watch programs are beneficial. However, yet again, the homeowners participate in these programs on a volunteer basis. This doesn’t guarantee coverage every night, and it doesn’t guarantee that all properties are observed effectively. Clever thieves are more likely to target homes that aren’t armed with security systems. This prevents those who are conducting these watches from noticing them in time. This is why it is a safer bet for property owners to install security systems even if they have these programs. Are Gated Communities Safer and Why? Gated communities are typically safer than other neighborhoods. The reason for this increase in security is first that the property has a security gate and armed security guards present. However, the homeowner’s associations that operate these communities include provisions for security system installations in each property. The enforcement of these installations decreases the likelihood that they are targeted by home invaders. With these bylaws, the property owners must schedule maintenance and testing of these systems at regular intervals to lower risks. Why Do Parents Need More Complex Security Systems? Standards security systems require security surveillance cameras, an interior monitor, sensors, and a control panel. The problem with standard systems is that they are often wired systems. These wired systems are easier for would-be home invaders to manipulate them. For example, wired systems are disarmed completely when the intruders cut them. This prevents the homeowner from using the control panel to notify the authorities in seconds. It also disarms all sensors on windows and doors. A more complex security system operates via a wireless connection. These systems combat the potential for a home invasion. The would-be intruders cannot cut the connection as easily as they could with a wired system. They will also face more of a challenge getting passed sensors. The systems provide more advanced options for families to keep their homes safe even when they aren’t there. What are the Major Benefits of More Evolved Security Systems? These more evolved systems provide cameras throughout the property. This includes typical blind spots where coverage is limited. They provide intercoms to allow homeowners to speak to anyone who comes near entry points around the property. They can communicate with their family members inside their home. They can also check on their children when they are home alone. These systems provide them with a remote access feature. It enables them to connect with their smartphone or tablet. These more evolved options are more likely to reduce the risk of a home invasion. Homeowners in Visalia, California are at a more pronounced risk of becoming involved in a home invasion. Statistics show that at least 31 in every 1,000 resident has become the victim of a home invasion. For this reason, they need a more superior security system. Homeowners who want more information can contact their preferred security provider now.