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Less Stress and More Safety in Orem, Utah
Most people have more than enough on their plate. Having to worry about work, school, social life, and finances is enough to put almost anyone on edge. All of these things add up over time and end up making life much more difficult than it should be. The icing on the cake is that homeowners with families also need to worry about the well-being of their kids. This means making sure the house is locked and all the lights are off when everyone leaves to go start their day. There’s nothing more bothersome than worrying about little things while there’s work to do and obligations to meet. With the help of some home security devices, a little clever thinking, and the help of a professional service provider, homeowners in Orem can put those worries to rest and focus on what really matters. Do It Yourself Home Security Devices There are several leading brands in the home security industry. These brands have gained popularity thanks to a good reputation of providing quality products. These products can include something as basic as a motion activated light or something as complex as a digital interface for a full home security solution. The possibilities are almost endless. Many homeowners find everything they need from a single provider. The tricky thing about do-it-yourself home security is that it might be difficult for the homeowner to spot security gaps. There are two options for finding these gaps, a home security audit or by contacting a professional service provider. Home Security Audits There are a few things that homeowners can do on their own to spot security gaps and prevent anyone from lurking in the area or gaining unauthorized access. The first step is to check the exterior of the home. Walking around the home in its entirety will help the homeowner survey the area and get a feel for where it’s easiest to approach the home from outside. The yard should be free of debris that someone could hide behind. It doesn’t take much to hide a person in the dark, so the area should be relatively clear. Shrubs need to be trimmed back and left with plenty of space to spot a person who might be hiding. Fences should also be checked and mended if there any gaps. It doesn’t take much space for a person to slide under or through a fence. The interior of the home is a different matter altogether. Every door leading to the exterior of the home should have a deadbolt or another kind of heavy lock. This extra protection makes it harder to kick in doors. Sensors should also be added to the same doors as well as all the windows in the home to detect entry. Cameras are recommended mostly for the purpose of collecting evidence if a break-in occurs. Depending on the brand and models chosen for these devices, it might be possible to connect to the WiFi in the house and make the entire system mobile accessible. Of course, homeowners will find that a professional service provider can offer quite a bit of insight on home security as well as the latest hardware and devices. Premium Home Security When most people think premium, they think expensive. The truth is, it might be surprising how affordable premium home security services are. Some of the leading companies in the home security industry offer services for as little as thirty dollars per month. The homeowner can either lease the hardware for a flat monthly fee or outright purchase it, possibly with financing options available directly from the provider. Premium services vary per home and by the amount of coverage the system provides. A basic security system won’t cost anything extra, just the typical monthly fee. Monitored services will cost extra in most cases. The service provider will be able to offer protection even when no one is home. By checking in on the home when an alarm goes off, the authorities can be contacted immediately. This quick alert could help prevent a family member from stumbling on a burglary in progress. Having the authorities there as quick as possible will also help the police make an arrest and get another criminal off the streets. Home Automation One of the best ways for Orem homeowners to reduce stress in their life is to just plain make things easier. Home automation is one way that parents can stop worrying about whether their teenager locked the door before leaving the house, or make sure the stove is off, or even turn off appliances and lights so they aren’t wasting energy. There are loads of new devices being released by leading brands. Honeywell and Cisco are two of the leading brands that have thrown their hat into the home automation ring. The devices that homeowners can purchase online or at local retailers can turn a home into a thinking thing that works to save money and keep everyone safe. Some of the more advanced devices can even predict schedules and behavior to better suit the entire family. Most home security provider have started to offer home automation as a service. By using the existing technology in the security system, service providers can offer homeowners the ability to control almost every part of their home from a mobile device. Some devices such as thermostats or faucets may require an upgrade before they can be accessed through home automation. Major appliances can be controlled by either installing a device on the home’s circuit breaker or by communicating directly if the appliance is capable. Most importantly, homeowners could be saving hundreds of dollars on energy costs. For more information or to schedule a home security audit, a professional service provider should be contacted right away.