ADT Delray Beach, Florida

Does Living on the Beach Mean a Security System is a Good Idea?
Most people move to the beach in Florida for the long warm season and the ability to visit the beach just about any time of the year. One thing they might not consider when they’re moving to the area is whether they’re going to need to purchase a security system. Homeowners in the Delray Beach area might want to go ahead and consider purchasing a system to ensure their home is protected and to ensure they are safe when they’re at home. This can go a long way toward helping ensure they aren’t the victim of a property crime.

Crime Statistics for The Village by the Sea

Delray Beach, known as the village by the sea, is an area with a crime index of nine out of 100. This means that 91% of the cities in America are going to be safer than Delray beach. In this city, although there are only 65,000 residents, a person has a one in 27 chance of being the victim of a property crime. For every 1,000 residents, there are 4.91 burglaries, 17.75 thefts, and 2.20 motor vehicle thefts. A person who lives in the area will want to be aware of these crime rates so they can ensure they understand how important it is for them to take the appropriate measures to prevent being the victim of a property crime.

Safest Areas to Live Within the City

The westernmost areas of the city, although further from the beach, tend to have lower crime rates. The easternmost part of the city, with the exception of right along the beach, tend to have higher crime rates. However, there are pockets of higher crime sections even in the safer areas of the city. A resident can check crime maps online to find out exactly where their neighborhood is and what the crime rates in their neighborhood are. This can help them determine if they need to purchase a security system for their home.

Highest Crime Areas Within the City

The highest crime areas within the city include SW 8th Ave to SW 10th St, the City Center, Webb Ave to Gulfstream Blvd, and Linton Blvd to Jog Rd. These areas are known for having higher numbers of property crimes and other crimes compared to the number of people living in the neighborhoods. They are the areas where a homeowner will definitely want to ensure they purchase a security system for their home, although homeowners in every area of the city might benefit from owning a home security system. 

Find Out What Crimes Happen In a Neighborhood Along with finding out how much crime occurs in an area, a homeowner might want to find out what types of crime are more common near them. Being aware of the types of crimes that could occur in a neighborhood and that do occur often can help the homeowner determine what they need to do to protect their home and their family. A resident can look up their neighborhood in online crime maps to learn more about the types of crimes that are more prevalent closer to their home.

Use Social Media to Keep On Top of Local Crime

The local police department is now taking advantage of social media to reach out to residents. Following the police department on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram allows a person to read about the latest crime topics in their area, learn more about how to protect their home, and even help the police department find and catch criminals. It is a good idea for a homeowner to follow the local police department on these websites so they can stay informed about what’s happening in their neighborhood and help make it a safer place to live.

Protect the Home By Purchasing a Security System

Residents of Delray Beach may want to consider purchasing a security system to keep an eye on their home when they’re away. There are many different choices for security systems available today, which means a homeowner has quite a few options to consider. They might want to consider a monitored security system so the company they purchase the system from will keep an eye on the home and alert the police and the homeowner if anything happens to their home. They could also consider a do-it-yourself security system where they can choose their own components and create alerts to be notified on their smartphone if anything happens while they’re away.

Start or Join a Neighborhood Watch Program

Along with purchasing a security system for their home, the resident might want to join a current neighborhood watch program in their neighborhood. This means they will keep an eye out for their neighbors and their neighbors will keep an eye out for them. This is a fantastic addition to a security system as it means suspicious activity will be reported as soon as it occurs, likely before any crime occurs. If there is not a neighborhood watch in their area, the person can obtain information from their local police department to help create one.  In the village by the sea, residents might want to go ahead and purchase a security system for their home. Although there are some areas of Delray Beach that are safer than others, any resident can benefit from having additional security for their home. Residents may also want to stay up to date on the crime occurring close to them to ensure they can protect their home from property crimes and work with their neighbors to create a safer neighborhood.