ADT Danbury, Connecticut

Living In Connecticut’s Safest City Is costly But Enjoyable
Danbury Connecticut has been voted the state’s safest city by CQ Press and it has also been voted second best city in the United States by the Wall St. Journal. Both these awards were for cities of a medium size such as 65,000 or 75,000 and more. Danbury has a population of approximately 83,784 residents. Danbury is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. This expensive but fun place to live has many leisure activities with 10 nature parks and 57 marinas. The beautiful homes of colonial, Victorian and other styles average $283,400.00. This community has a cost of living cost that is 31% higher than the national average. The average resident yearly income is $69,394.00. What Are City Crime Rates? Danbury boasts a low crime rate of 178 violent crimes and 1,604.2 property crimes per 100,000 people. This city is safer than 42% of other similar sized cities in the United States. A Danbury resident’s chances of being the victim of a crime are1in 555 compared to the rest of the state which is 1 in 422. Some neighborhoods are always safer than others and some popular neighborhoods are not on the safest neighborhood list. People who live in neighborhoods they love, but are not listed in the safest neighborhood list, may choose to make up the difference with good security measures. Safest 5 Neighborhoods The Clapboard Ridge road and Chambers road area, and Farm Street area along itThe Cedar Heights and Pleasant Acres neighborhoodHawthorn Terrace and Lattins Landing areaBeckettvilleMill Plain Four More Safest Neighborhoods To Consider The Hayestown and Margerie Manor neighborhoodThe Stacy Rd and E Pembroke Rd areaMiry BrookWestern Connecticut U and White area These Are Some Popular But Less Safe Neighborhoods City CenterThe Beaverbrook neighborhoodThe Mill Plain areaThe Germantown neighborhood But, what if a family wants to live in Danbury and can not afford these neighborhoods? There are many other neighborhoods to choose from. A family looking for homes to purchase or wanting to see how safe the neighborhood they live in is, can go online to the Danbury Crime Rate site and input the address of the house. Homeowners in even the safest listed neighborhoods may feel the need to have some sort of security system. Security Systems With the trend for higher price new construction houses being set up to be “Smart Houses” during construction, owners of existing homes may want to retrofit their homes to meet this new standard. The “Smart Houses” are set up to be totally online with wireless controls that operate on or off site. These systems include alarm and security features, lighting control, heat and air conditioning control. The homeowner can lock or unlock doors remotely or check to see if doors are locked and windows latched. They can get alarms on their smartphone for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide problems. The security cameras are placed so the homeowner can check up on children, nannies, or cleaning people in real time. Homeowners wanting to duplicate these “Smart House” arrangements can contact a local security company to see how close they can come with security plans and optional features they offer. Many people are not aware of all the features security systems offer. It may also be possible to contact the same contractors that install “Smart House” systems in new construction and hire them to update an existing house. But, there are those homeowners who do not want everything to be controlled remotely or centrally. They may worry about computer hackers who could shut down a whole house by hacking into the home’s wireless system. Many homeowners just want a good security system to protect their family from robberies and home invasions. They want to contract with a security company who will install and monitor a security and alarm system that falls within their budget and meets their needs. Security companies offer many different plans to homeowners with unique needs. A single person with limited mobility will need a different system than a family with children and pets. A homeowner should contact the local security company to set up a home security review and free estimate for different systems. They can always decide not to use that company, but this will be a good start to researching security measures and systems. There are homeowners who are capable of purchasing, installing, and monitoring their own security and alarm system. Many new security systems are designed to be easy to install and program by customers. It is important to research the retail purchased security and alarm systems to make sure they will work dependably and do the job the customer intends for them to do. For systems that are connected to the local police department, it is very important to avoid false alarms that waste police department funds and time. The alarm system should be equipped with in-person or video verification. These systems are taken more seriously by police departments and will be responded to more quickly. It is also important to use a combination of visible and hidden security cameras so that if an intruder does get into the home, there will be a record to help the police catch and prosecute them. The highly visible cameras act as a deterrent, while hidden cameras are less likely to be found and disabled. It is also very important for the whole family to understand how to do their part in operating the security system so it can do its job and protect the family home. For more security information, go to the website.