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Find Out if You Should Purchase a Home Security System
Living near the beach definitely has its benefits, especially in Florida where the weather is warm most of the year. Residents of Boynton Beach may love their home, but they may also want to consider installing a security system as this city does have a high crime rate. Having a security system that is monitored by themselves or by a security company can help them ensure their home is protected when they’re asleep or away. Types of Security Systems to Consider Homeowners who want to purchase a security system for their home have the option of looking into a monitored security system or a do-it-yourself security system, both of which can help make the home more secure. It’s a good idea for a homeowner to take the time to look into the various systems to find out what’s going to be right for them and what’s going to do more to protect their home. Both types allow the homeowner to start small and add on other components as they want, although there are significant differences between the two main options. Pros of Professionally Monitored Security Systems Professionally monitored security systems are those which are connected to a monitoring station so there is always someone who can be alerted if anything sets off the alarm to the home. There are quite a few benefits of this. Police can be contacted faster, which means there’s a higher chance of the thief being caught.Having a monitored system with a decal or sign makes it less likely a burglar will choose to steal something from the home.A professional can install the system for the homeowner so they don’t have to worry about doing it on their own.The system can be expanded whenever the homeowner might like or updated to the latest security features. Cons of Professionally Monitored Security Systems Although there are benefits of a monitored security system, the homeowner might want to also be aware of some of the downsides. The homeowner will need to pay a monthly fee to have the home monitored.There is the possibility of false alarms occurring, which could lead to fines if there are too many of them.The homeowner often cannot choose their own components but must go with the ones that work with the security system. Pros of Do-It-Yourself Security Systems Do-It-Yourself security systems are often preferred by homeowners who don’t want to pay a monthly fee for their security system. They also have quite a few other benefits over the monitored security system. Homeowners don’t have to pay someone to monitor their security system and, with the right setup, can monitor it on their own and receive alerts whenever motion is detected.Homeowners can start as small as they would like and add onto the security system whenever they prefer.There are many more options available so the homeowner can choose what features they want. Cons of Do-It-Yourself Security Systems Even though do-it-yourself security systems are popular, there are a few downsides that the homeowner might want to consider before they go this route. The homeowner must do the installation on their own or hire a professional to do it for them.A homeowner will need to do the research to determine what components they need and which ones will work together to do what they want.Homeowners will be monitoring their own system, so if they’re not available or do not receive a notification in time, the police won’t be called for an issue. Why Choose to Install a Security System in This City Homeowners will want to use this information to start researching a home security system because of the high crime rate in the city. Theft occurs to 33.56 out of every 1,000 people, a burglary happens to 6.95 out of 1,000 people, and motor vehicle theft occurs to 2.68 out of 1,000 people within the city. Overall, Boynton Beach has a crime index of six out of a possible 100, with 100 being the safest city possible. It means that 94% of cities in America are safer than this city based on the number of crimes per person. A person in this area has a one in 23 chance of being the victim of a property crime.  Look at Crime Maps for What Areas Have More Crime Homeowners might want to take a look at an online crime map to learn more about which parts of the city have higher rates of crime compared to others. Those who live in the western half of the city might experience less crime as most of the crime occurs in the easternmost part of the city, closest to the beaches. Homeowners can check their neighborhood to see how likely it is they’ll be the victim of a property crime based on exactly where they live within the city. Look At Crime Maps to See What Types of Crime are Nearby Some crime maps can also help the homeowner find out what types of crimes are more likely to occur near their home. They can look up their address and see what crimes have been recently reported, where they occurred, and when they occurred. This gives them the chance to see more about the crimes in their specific neighborhood, which can help them determine if they want to purchase a security system for their home. Taking advantage of a security system, monitored or DIY, can help a homeowner protect their home and can help them avoid being a victim of a variety of property crimes. If you love Boynton Beach for its proximity to the beach but want to ensure your home is protected, you might want to consider your options for a home security system today. Doing so can help protect your home whether you’re asleep, busy in the house, or relaxing on the beach just a few miles away.