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Gun Ownership: A Popular Home Security Measure in San Bernardino, California

Guns are considered a necessity for home protection, but many gun control activists warn about having a weapon. Some activists say that keeping a fire arm does not truly protect a home but rather increase the risk of death or injury. Still, gun ownership is breaking records in San Bernardino, Calif. This makes it important to understand how guns can affect home security.

Are Guns Really Helpful?

Of course, gun control activists are bound to be biased about weapons, but the truth is that guns may pose certain dangers a homeowner might not have considered. Several studies and statistics show that gun ownership doubles the risk of homicide while tripling the risk of suicide.

It can also increase the chance of a marital altercation becoming deadly. Still, one thing that should be taken into consideration is that many of these incidents happen because a gun was handled incorrectly.

A homeowner should always be vigilant because his or her home could be targeted by a home invader at any time. This is especially true about San Bernardino, Calif., because it was just named one of the most dangerous cities in California. Police say the reason that San Bernardino is experiencing so much crime deals with the poverty levels in the city.

Having a gun may seem scary, but the truth is that it has worked in the past. A homeowner in San Bernardino, Calif., was forced to shoot a home invader that did not heed his warning. Before he shot the perpetrator, the homeowner called the cops, but the officers did not arrive at the scene quickly. The man feared for his family’s life because the invader did not stop trying to get into the house. The invader recovered from the wound after she was taken to the hospital by the police.

There have been several instances where a homeowner has resorted to using his or her weapon to fend off a burglar, but every one of these homeowners had a home security system installed that alerted them of a possible intruder.

How to Safely Store a Gun

There is no denying that guns could be helpful, but it is important to follow some safety tips to keep those living in the home safe. For one, never point the muzzle in the direction of a person. Be sure to keep the fingers off the trigger unless the intention is to shoot.

Be sure to read the entire manual that came with the weapon. It is important to know how to handle the weapon and how to turn the safety on or off. The guide will also teach the gun owner how to unload or load a weapon before use.

The weapon must be locked away in a concealed locked box or a specially designed gun safe. The gun should also have a lock to prevent someone from trying to use the weapon. One lock can hinder the trigger’s mobility, while the other will make the gun inoperable through the weapon’s accident.

It is important to keep the weapon unloaded until one has the actual intention of using the weapon. This helps ensure the safety of the gun around the home and amongst other family members.

Taking a few classes to make sure one knows how to handle a weapon properly might be a good idea. Gun ownership is a grave responsibility, which means it should not be taken lightly.

These tips should help keep the homeowner and his or her family safe while ensuring a little peace at home. Understand that gun ownership does not replace a good home security alarm or vice versa.

Alternatives to Owning a Gun

Of course, there are many who simply do not want a weapon because of the dangers that it might impose on a family or for other reasons. There are a number of solutions that might be helpful and will not force the homeowner to rely on something as uncomfortable as a weapon.

Perhaps, one of the best alternatives is a home security system. This should include things like motion sensor lights, cameras, and magnetic fences, just to name a few options. Some of these tools can be synced with smart devices if the homeowner upgrades to a smart home defense system. This means a homeowner will be able to access his or her home security system from anywhere in the world as long as he or she has internet access.

Joining a neighborhood watch would be wise. Well-informed neighbors will know when a certain member is at work or on vacation, which will be helpful. A neighbor might notice someone who should not be in a home at a certain time. There are a number of neighborhood watch programs around San Bernardino, Calif., like the Central District program that is located at 324 W. 18th St., San Bernardino, California 92405. You can contact this particular group at

There are different weapons that could be used instead of a gun. There is pepper spray, which should immobilize an intruder long enough to escape or at least take control of the situation. There are also stun guns or tasers, which emit a shocking amount of electricity that should immobilize the intruder quickly, allowing the homeowner to take care of the situation until the police arrive.

These are just a few options that homeowners in San Bernardino, Calif., have to protect themselves from a home invasion. There are others that a local officer or a home security expert can tell a homeowner about.

The point is that a homeowner needs to take action and choose a form of defense that he or she feels comfortable with. It is okay to omit some forms of protection or combine them all as long as the household is protected.