ADT Owensboro, Kentucky

Negatives and Positives of Living in a Small Town
Small town living is perfect for a certain demographic. For example, young families thrive in this type of environment. When a community is full of like-minded people who work hard to take care of their children, the entire city benefits. Cities like Owensboro are no exception. Although there are few wealthy people in town, everyone has what they need to survive. The cost of living is low so residents aren’t struggling to make ends meet. The Negatives There are some pitfalls to living in a small town. When everyone knows everyone else, there is a greater chance for gossip to hurt people’s feelings. Kids who were born and raised in the area and grow up to have their own children and raise them in Owensboro might be longstanding residents but they may also be the subject of conversations when people don’t have anything else to talk about. Another negative aspect of living in a city without a lot to do is drugs. People who are bored or dissatisfied with their lives sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol for entertainment. Over time, this type of recreational use can turn into addiction. A drug addict is not the same person they were before drugs took control of their life and they sometimes do things they would have never done without the influence of the substance. Many times, this includes stealing from friends, family members and even strangers. To keep yourself and your family safe, get an alarm system installed in your home. Having an alarm system shows drug addicts and other petty criminals that you are serious about your personal safety. The signage in your yard an on your windows could be enough to show anyone who is thinking about stealing your property that you aren’t going to allow them to get away with it. Ideally, they will move on to another house or reject the idea altogether. To give you the best chance of retrieving your property, get an alarm system with cameras. Small towns tend to only have a few major retail stores. This means if you want something unique, you might have to buy it online. Online shopping is convenient and saves you the trouble of traveling to another city to visit stores in person. However, it does have a downside. When you shop online, the products need to be delivered to your home. If you aren’t home when the packages arrive, there’s a chance they could be stolen by an opportunistic thief. A security camera can be a valuable tool to catch the thief so the same thing doesn’t happen to one of your neighbors and to prove to the retailer that you really didn’t receive the items they sent. Most large retailers will replace items when this happens to their customers. The Positives Living in a small town allows people to form lifelong friendships. Having people around you that you have known since you were children is something people who live in big cities rarely experience. Friends are more like family when you live in a city like Owensboro. Adults who grew up in a small town tend to want the same experience for their children. Although growing up in this kind of community might have its ups and downs, parents often feel more comfortable knowing the people who are teaching their children at school were either their own teachers or their classmates when they were kids. Small towns are almost always cheaper than big cities. Landlords are more likely to charge reasonable rent because they are part of the community. Employers pay a wage that allows employees to take care of themselves and their families. Although small towns don’t have a lot of employment opportunities, the ones that are there tend to pay well enough that people don’t need to have two or three jobs just to put food on the table. Small business owners have to see their employees on the street and they don’t want to be ashamed of how treat the people who work for them. People who live in small towns don’t have a long drive to work. Because everyone knows each other, you might carpool with some of your coworkers to save money on gas. If there are people home on your street during the day, chances are, they are keeping on eye on the traffic and making sure their neighbor’s homes are safe while they are at work, school or running errands. Regardless of whether there are retirees or stay-at-home moms nearby, a security alarm can add another layer of protection. In a best case scenario, your monitoring company will never contact you about a break-in while you are away. Some people love living in a small town and would never want to reside in a city. Others grow up in a community like Owensboro and can’t wait to get out and experience all life in the big city has to offer. While you are here, it’s important to make the most of your experiences. Get to know your neighbors and make good friends. People tend to be friendlier in small towns because they little choice but to spend time with the people who live nearby. While you are getting to know people and enjoying all the activities Owensboro has to offer, be sure your house is secure. Whether you live in a small town or big city, it’s no longer safe to leave your doors unlocked when you aren’t home.