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How to Tell if You Need a Security System for Your Home and How to Choose One

For a city of under 100,000 people, Tuscaloosa residents have an incredibly high chance of becoming a victim of a property crime. These crimes include theft, burglary, auto theft, and more. For those living in this area, a home security system is likely going to be a high priority when they’re considering what they’ll need to keep their home safe. There are a few things a person should consider when they’re contemplating purchasing a security system for their home.

Crime Rate in the City

Tuscaloosa has a crime rating of six out of a possible 100, with cities scoring 100 being the safest cities to live in. There’s a one in 21 chance of a resident being the victim of a property crime and 72 crimes occur per square mile in Tuscaloosa, compared to 16 per square mile in Alabama as a whole. The property crime in this city is a full 74% higher than the national average. This means this is not a safe city to live in, although many do call it home, and a resident will want to consider these statistics and their chance of being a victim when they’re considering whether they should purchase a security system.

Lowering the Need For a Security System

Although there is a high chance a person living here is going to need a security system, there are a few things that can impact their decision and lower the necessity of a ADT Tuscaloosa, Alabama security system.
1. Proximity to the Police Department – Statistically, it’s safer to live closer to the police department. Tuscaloosa has a police department on Millcreek Ave in Tuscaloosa, so those living closer to there might have a lower chance of being the victim of a property crime. This is often because of the faster response time when a person lives closer to the police department.
2. Neighborhood Watch Programs – Many neighborhoods are starting neighborhood watch programs to help combat the rising levels of crime. These programs work best when as many neighbors as possible are a part and keep an eye on the neighborhood so they can report any suspicious behaviors. Homeowners in an area with a neighborhood watch are less likely to be the victim of a property crime at their home.

Check Out the Crime Map

The sheriff’s department for Tuscaloosa County offers a crime map of the city. A person can view the map to see how many crimes have occurred close to their home and how many crimes have occurred. This can give them a great idea of what the crime is like right around their home as well as how it compares to other parts of the city and could have a large impact on whether they decide to purchase a security system. For instance, if they see a large number of burglaries at the homes in their neighborhood, they’re going to want to invest in a home security system quickly to help protect their home.

Deciding on a Security System – DIY or Monitored?

When a person does decide to install a security system for their home, they’re going to want to determine if it would be better to go with a monitored system or a DIY system. Both have their advantages and their drawbacks.

Monitored Security System – A monitored security system has the benefit of being installed for the homeowner, but will likely be more expensive compared to a DIY system. Additionally, they will need to pay a fee each month for the monitoring. However, the homeowner can rest assured that there is someone who will be able to receive any alerts from the home instantaneously and will be able to contact law enforcement for them even if they’re not available at the time. This allows for a faster response and increases the chance of the burglar being caught.

DIY Security System – These are more customizable and many homeowners will be able to do the installation on their own. The homeowner can be alerted by their phone whenever anything happens and can even integrate the security system into a smart home if they’d like. However, the homeowner is the only one who is watching the system for alerts, so if they do not receive a notification or they don’t have time to check the notification, they likely cannot contact law enforcement fast enough to receive help while there is a burglary in progress. Additionally, if the homeowner cannot do the installation on their own, they will need to contact a professional for help.

Choosing a Monitoring Company

If the homeowner decides to go with a monitored system, they’re going to need to choose a company to work with. There are quite a few home monitoring companies available to choose from. It’s a good idea for the homeowner to look into what companies offer what benefits as well as what the basic security systems include and what can be added onto them for a more complete system. Some of the companies they might want to look into include ADT Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Jackson Security Services, ADS Security, and Minuteman Security Systems. A consultation with each of them can give the homeowner a better idea of what they offer and which one the homeowner might want to work with.
If you’re a resident of Tuscaloosa, it may be a good idea to invest in a home security system. It’s also a good idea to create a neighborhood watch for your neighborhood if one doesn’t already exist or join one that does already exist. Doing both of these can significantly reduce the chance for you to become a victim of a property crime and can help keep your home and your family safe.

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