ADT National City, California

Crime Rates of a Local California Town
Is National City, California, a safe place to be? The crime rates are not favorable, but they do sit in line with other regions of California. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing rests in how much one loves the city of California, and how high their desire is to leave it or protect their family accordingly. Compared to its Neighbors Where does National City rank compared to its closest neighbors? National City ranks quite well with other neighboring cities. The below chart offers a nice look at the other suburbs within 25 miles of National City. National City is ranked at the bottom. The first numbers look at the population as of the latest census. The final numbers are the rate of violent crimes per 100,000 people. National City has the highest population, nearly doubling its nearest neighbor of Coronado. But, the crime is far more than double that of Coronado. It is nearly five times as high, which would suggest a population of 125,000. Unfortunately, National City only boasts just over 55,000 people. The rate is not as concerning as Jamul, which has only a fraction of the population of National City yet is closing in on violent crime rates that are about half of the city. The population of Jamul should be about 25,000 for these numbers to make relational sense. Yet, Jamul only has about 5,000 people as of the latest census reports. Jamul 5,445 197Spring Valley 1,000 224Coronado 24,333 103National City 59,543 538 National City has a high crime rate, but it is the not the highest of the region. While using the chart above, and other numbers, National City rests in the average for California. There should be logical concern for violent acts in the area, with protective measures being taken every day. But, there is no need to look at a greater erosion of the culture or an immediate need to move elsewhere. Crime is a concern across the entire country. California is particularly messy. But, the crime rates for National City suggest precautions that are reasonable and logical. Be safe. What is Great in National City? Area Vibes looks at the overall crime rates of suburbs in the United States and offers ratings compared to the national average. The website ranked National City with an F grade in crime and education. The rating is concerning. The F score isn’t exactly common, though it is admittedly more common for California as a whole. The website did have favorable scores for amenities, offering an A+ in that regard. This suggests that the city knows where it stands and is offering improved amenities to help deter crime. That kind of growth can be encouraging, as it shows clear support. But, it can also suggest a major reworking of the system and a lot of increased crime that is needed to be fought. Overall, Area Vibes gave the city 67 livability, out of a total score of 100. Despite the terrible scores in crime and education, the score is reasonable. It may stand because of the weighted scores within weather and Crime Rates of the Decade Crime has been consistent in the city for quite some time. Assaults have dropped considerably, which is one of the only areas to see a substantial dropoff. National City saw almost 400 assaults in 2002, compared to 144 in 2014. Rapes have cut in half over the same period of time from 32 to 16. The most common type of crime is still theft, which consistently hovers at about 1,000 any given year. The low is 850 with a high of nearly 1,500 for 2005. City-Data suggests that the crime data for National City is slightly below the average for 2014. This is extremely encouraging only because the city has not boasted a score lower than the average in close to 15 years. In 2002, the score was nearly 2.5 times higher than the average, meaning crime was 2.5 times more likely in National City than in any average or random city in the United States. That was hardly worth celebrating. Crime rates are discouraging through Neighborhood Scout. The website offers a score of 20 for National City. Considering 100 is the safest, this is hardly a positive result. Violent crime rates in the city are higher than averages in the state of California, and it doesn’t get better. Robberies are at 142, which equates to a 2.33 rate per robbery. This means that 2.33 people are robbed per 1,000. It is a number that can be seen in many ways. It has to be seen through the average of the country, which is explored on Neighborhood Scout. The current rate for the United States average is half that- 1.02 per 1,000 people. Is National City a typically safe place to be based on crime data? This is such a suggestive and subjective question that it can be hard to pinpoint. If one bases the answer on the national average of crime than the answer is no. The crime is above average, overall. A single dip just below the average for 2014 is not necessarily enough ti discount double average scores since 2001. Crime is common compared to the average. Yes, the rates are better than neighbors but there is enough there to still justify logical precautions. Safety measures, such as a security unit system, may be recommended.