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How One California City Is Reducing Its Crime Rate
According to the latest statistics released by the FBI, the rate of violent crimes throughout the nation is increasing. In fact, according to the most recent report, a burglary takes place every 18 seconds in the U.S., and many of these turn into violent crimes when the victims are present. The state of California’s crime reports are in line with this trend, showing an increase in both violent crimes and property crimes in 2015. In fact, crime rates in California are above the national average. One city in Riverside County, however, is heading in the opposite direction and becoming a safer place to live. Demographics of Perris, California The city of Perris is located in Riverside County in southern California. With a population of approximately 75,000, the majority of residents are white and Hispanic or Latino and live in households with children under the age of 18. More than half of residences are owner-occupied, and the median household income as of 2015 was $49,325. Approximately 25% of residents have an income that is below the federal poverty line. Housing tends to be stable, with the large majority of households occupying the same home currently as in the previous year. The unemployment rate as of April 2015 was 9.1, higher than both the state and national averages. Falling Crime Rates In 2014, the city of Perris saw a 25% decrease in violent crimes and a 6.4% decline in property crimes. Not only that, police response times to 911 calls have gotten faster. City officials attribute the success of the town’s crime-fighting efforts to strong partnerships among law enforcement, the city council, local business owners, and community-based volunteer groups like the Neighborhood Watch program and the Citizens Patrol volunteer force. With a shared commitment to crime prevention, the citizens of Perris have come together to educate and protect themselves. The Role of Police Officers Law enforcement officers in the city of Perris devote as much time as they can to community relations and crime prevention programs. For example, officers meet regularly with community members and local business owners, both formally and informally. They listen to citizens’ concerns, and they make themselves a visible presence, especially in areas that are more vulnerable to crime. They also work closely with community organizations to provide education on personal safety and crime prevention. The Role Of Neighborhood Watch One of the most effective strategies to reduce crime is the Neighborhood Watch program. A Neighborhood Watch group is an organization of neighbors who work together with each other and with law enforcement officers to prevent crime and vandalism in their community. The groups seek to educate themselves and their fellow citizens about crimes in their area and methods to make their homes and families safer. Neighbors who know each other well can look out for each other and call the police when they see that something is amiss. By working closely with the police, Neighborhood Watch groups are known and respected. Consequently, calls for assistance are taken very seriously and responded to quickly. In the city of Perris, there are currently 10 active groups that are registered with the national Neighborhood Watch program. One city council member, Tonya Burke, spearheaded efforts to grow the Neighborhood Watch program in the city after being the victim of multiple burglaries of her home and car. She credits the program with much of the success the city has had in reducing crime rates, and she is working toward getting 100% participation. The Role Of Home Security Systems Another very important component of crime prevention is a monitored home security system. Watchful neighbors make a positive difference, but some crimes will slip through the cracks. Unless there are security cameras posted throughout a neighborhood that can capture every house at all times, it will always be possible for some crimes to escape notice. In a recent case, three men broke into an elderly Perris resident’s home by kicking the door in. They not only stole cash and jewelry, but they also pistol-whipped and tied up the 65-year-old woman who lived in the house, leaving her injured and traumatized. Even though her community had a Neighborhood Watch program in place, her home was not easily visible from the street, so neighbors couldn’t see it. For this reason, her home had been a repeated target of burglars in the past. Chances are, a home security system could have prevented that terrible crime. Studies show that simply having visible signs or decals for a home security company posted on the property is a significant deterrent for criminals who look for the low-hanging fruit, like empty houses and houses that are hidden from view. More importantly, a monitored system inside the home can be very effective in detecting invasions and getting help immediately. With a monitored system, the homeowner, police, and neighbors are notified as soon as an alarm is triggered. What To Look For In A Home Security System Some systems only sound an ear-piercing alarm when motion sensors at a door or window are triggered. This is a great way of notifying neighbors and may be sufficient to protect a home in an area with a good Neighborhood Watch program. However, homes that are actually monitored by a security system are one third less likely to be broken into. Video monitoring is especially helpful because it provides advance warning to the homeowner, and it gives evidence to the police. Residents of Perris have several national and local home security companies to choose from.