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Learn How to Reduce Your Chances of Being a Property Crime Victim
Property crimes include burglary, theft, auto theft, and related crimes. Those who live in Boulder Colorado actually have a one in 33 chance of being the victim of a property crime, which can mean they’re going to want to learn how to reduce this chance and what they can do to protect their home. Fortunately, there are quite a few things a resident can do to avoid being a victim of one of these types of crimes. Some of the things they can do include being aware of the crime, moving to a better location, being involved in a neighborhood watch program, and installing a home security system to protect their home when they’re away. Be Aware of the Crime in the City Boulder is home to around 100,000 people, but it still has a high crime rate. In fact, the crime index for Boulder is only 18, with 100 being the rating for the safest cities to live in. Recent studies show 30.30 property crimes in Boulder compared to 25.30 in Colorado and 26.0 nationally. A person can check out the specifics for their neighborhood by checking out crime mapping websites. These websites show why there was a police report or arrest and exactly where it happened. Crimes are typically categorized by type so a homeowner can quickly see what kinds of crimes are closest to them. The homeowner can determine if there’s a higher number near them compared to other areas, or if there seems to be a lower number of crimes close to them. Ready to Move? Where to Go If a person is planning on moving to another part of Boulder, it’s a good idea to consider the crime in the neighborhoods they’re planning on moving to. The center of the city sees the highest number of crimes, with the north, west, and south having significantly lower amounts of crimes. A person can check out a crime rates map to learn where the safer areas are in town so they can have a better idea of where they might want to move if they’d like to find a new home within the city. Crime maps can include a general idea of which neighborhoods have higher amounts of crime or they could have more details and let the person find out what crimes are committed in what areas and when. Neighborhood Watch Programs Homes in neighborhoods with a neighborhood watch program have a significantly lower chance of being involved in a property crime. Neighborhood watch programs are typically handled by the residents of the neighborhood, although they can get tips to help them start the program by contacting the Boulder Police Department. When there is one of these programs in place, the homeowners tend to be on the lookout for anything that’s out of place and tend to report anything suspicious more often. A person can look online to find a neighborhood watch for their area or start one of their own. Installing a Security System It’s a good idea for a person to consider a security system. Studies have shown that 60% of burglars are going to choose a different home if they spot a security system. Of the remaining burglars, there’s a higher chance of them being caught if there is a security system in place. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of security systems so they can find one that meets their needs. They can opt for a DIY system or a monitored system and can choose the components they need to ensure their home is fully protected. What Needs to Be Included in a Security System A basic home security system should include a way to monitor whether the doors are opened. With a DIY system, the homeowner might receive alerts when motion is detected inside the home. With a monitored system, the monitoring company will receive this alert. However, the homeowner might want to add more onto their security system to fully protect the home. Detectors for the doors and windows can help them determine when something is opened and security cameras can help them capture a video or photo of anyone entering their home while they’re away. A person can usually start with just the basics and add more as time goes on if they’d like to save money at first and still be able to obtain a security system. What Security Companies to Consider Residents in this city have a variety of companies to consider, with each one having different options and systems available. ADT, Reliable Home Security, Legacy Locksmith, and Buffalo Security can all help a homeowner find and install the right security system for their needs. The person will want to consider what they’re going to need before they contact any security systems to receive an accurate quote. Once they have a few quotes, they can compare the various companies to find one that’s going to offer what they need without a high price each month for the monitoring. These are just a few of the things a person can do to avoid being the victim of a property crime. Always remember to be aware of where you are and what’s going on. When a person is alert and their home is fully protected, they’ll be able to reduce their chance of being a property crime victim in Boulder. Take the time to consider each of these tips today to find out which ones are going to be more helpful for you and your family to help stay safe.