ADT Ontario, California

Problems are Brewing in Ontario, CA That Homeowners Need to Know

A lot is going on in the Ontario area of Southern California. Home values are changing, and the population is growing. It would appear that this is a good thing, but the truth is that it is causing a stir in a place that is already dealing with a few issues that should concern residents and homeowners.

The Problems Ontario is Facing

Ontario is one of the popular cities in California. The airport in the heart of Ontario is one of the busiest places in the United States. One might think that Ontario is ideal, which is a dangerous assumption for homeowners as it may cause them to drop their guard and not worry about home security systems. Consider the following.

Property Values are Going Up?

Some people might assume that cities are doing well when property values rise, but that is not always the case. An outsider looking at the housing market in Ontario might assume that the area is becoming a desirable place to live, meaning that the city is generally improving. The truth is that Ontario is getting an influx of people because they could not find housing in other areas of Southern California. Investors are buying rental property to accommodate these new people, and rent prices are gradually going up.

High Risk of Burglary

Some of the people making their way to Ontario fall into the poverty level. Everyone knows that most low-income people are not criminals. A criminal could be anyone. But unfortunately, a few people in this group make life hard for others. Certain low-income regions have high crime rates. The homes in these areas are burglarized more often and property is stolen, which is happening in certain pockets of the county. This is the reason why homeowners should definitely take precautions, and invest in home security systems. There are many theories regarding why crime might follow low-income individuals, from pure necessity to possible drug addictions, but the statistics above show a higher probability of crime in neighborhoods with a high poverty level.

There is a Shortage of Cops

Most residents of Ontario probably think they have enough police support with the influx of people coming in. There is actually a crisis going on in the region that is affecting the entire county, including Ontario. There has been a significant increase in calls and investigations in the area. This has been going on for the last few years, and it has definitely caused a delay in police response. The average wait time since 2014 has jumped to six minutes and 12 seconds. This may not sound like much time to most people, but this can be a lifetime in an emergency situation. Homeowners cannot afford to take this situation lightly and should not rely solely on the police, as they may not be able to get to the home right away. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to opt for effective home security systems.

Guns are on the Rise

Some may say that this is a good thing while others may disagree, but there is no denying that guns are on the rise. Yes, weapons are being purchased legally, but this does mean that the possibility of someone having a gun is higher now that gun ownership is taking off in Ontario. Some attribute this rise in ownership to people’s fear that governments are getting closer to heavily regulating ownership. Surely, there are some who are using weapons for protection, and this is understandable, but it is important to make sure that the gun is secure at all times. There have been many accidents involving guns, and it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of his or her home.

Not many would argue that Ontario residents are facing some issues that need to be addressed one way or another.

A few Ways to Address the Issues

There is not much that people can do about most of these problems, except make sure that guns are safely tucked away and that they vote to ensure that the county has enough funds to allocate police departments. The best thing residents and homeowners can do is protect their own homes and neighborhoods.

The following are just a few suggestions that might help homeowners:

  • Join a neighborhood watch
  • Ask the police department to send a patrol car to stroll through the neighborhood from time to time
  • Install a home security system with a monitoring system
  • Use a house-sitting service for long or short vacations

These are only a few solutions that a homeowner may want to try, but hopefully, these tips help homeowners feel safer in their homes and the city of Ontario, Calif.