ADT South San Francisco, California

Home Safety in South San Francisco
South San Francisco is a beautiful city with a mild climate that is next to the San Francisco Airport in the Bay Area. The city downtown is considered to be Grand Avenue from the San Francisco Airport to Chestnut and is west of the 101 freeway. Most of the city east of the 101 freeway is home to large industrial facilities. South San Francisco is a gateway city into the USA from Southeast Asia for many manufactured goods. Unfortunately, there is also a long history of criminal activity that happens in the area as well. Organized crime activity in South San Francisco mostly through Surenos, and Nortenos as well as more recognizable gangs like MS-13. Asian gangs are also present. Most of these gangs work within the neighborhoods that they live and run protection rackets, as well as laundering money for other criminals and participating in drug activity. In 2014, a FBI investigation into a criminal network alleged to be run by Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow. 26 individuals were charged including state senator Leland Yee, said to have taken bribes from Chow in exchange for political favors, causing senator Lee to withdraw from running for Secretary of State in California. On a single Friday night, over 20 guns were confiscated by police from members of the Norteno gang. The South San Francisco Police Department has made 300 arrests within the year that a full time task force was created with a neighborhood response team. Sgt Danny Gill stated that the way the gang violence will be curbed is by working with kids before they get to be old enough to join gang activity and then become members of the gangs. For South San Francisco crimes that are reported; 1. Rape moving from 15 cases to 24 2. Robbery moving from 78 to 127 3. Aggravated Assault from 137 to 223 4. Burglary from 1403 to 2289 5. Larceny from 695 to 1134 6. Arson from 14 to 22.85 With criminal activity taking place, it is suggested by police that residents of the city take some precautions to prevent becoming victims of these type of crimes or any others. 
These suggestions include 1. Making sure that any property in a vehicle is locked in its trunk. 2, Updating locks to doors that open to exterior of a residence. Common places that are entered include through a garage door and then entry of a doorway into a home that is not usually as secure as exterior doors. 3. Checking doors to make sure that they don’t have damaged or loose hinges, and that anywhere glass is in place, on a door or a window, that it is secure and that windows are also locked. 4. Keeping any plants properly landscaped to not allow them to become places where someone could hide and attack a resident or not be seen while trying to break into a residence. 5. being aware of anything around a residence that looks suspicious. This could include noticing a vehicle with occupants that is not from the neighborhood or anyone that is not a uniformed employee of a utility who is walking around a building or home. 6. A strong neighborhood watch program is also recommended. Online, visit for a guideline on how to join a neighborhood watch and if none is active, how to start a program. Police officers do not know who everyone is within a neighborhood, while local residents will know when anyone unfamiliar is present. If someone is committing a crime, police also suggest that any details about the persons thought to be engaged in a crime be noted and 911 called. It is never advised to confront someone directly even when armed as this can be very dangerous. Firearms should be considered a last resort when someone is directly threatened with immediate harm themselves. This is outlined under the Castle Doctrine, PC 198.5 which states that you can use deadly force “when you have a reasonable fear of imminent peril or great bodily injury”. The South San Francisco Police Department programs to help reduce criminal activity in the are include; 1.The Community Oriented Policing Program, also known as COPPS, 2. The Gang Resistance and Training Program, known as GREAT, to help prevent elementary and middle school students from joining in any gang activity. 3. Help Eliminate Repeat Offenders, known as Project HERO, that was developed to give juveniles who are on probation a mentor to be a positive role model in their life and encourage them not to make poor decisions that could limit their potential. Communities that work together with law enforcement officers who serve them can have greater success and reducing crime in their neighborhoods. Another way to secure a residence is to use an alarm system. There are several types of alarm systems available. Cameras that connect to wifi networks can send real time video or images as often as several times a minute. These systems can be used by themselves, but require the user to contact law enforcement when they see something happening and this can place a delay in the response time of police. Alarm system companies in or serving South San Francisco include; 1. California Security Pro-ADT Authorized Dealer, 925-230-2900 2. Kurtis Company,415-738-8533 3. Fog City Alarms- 415-643-1908 4. Front Point Home Security- 855-814-8269 5. Northwest Security-800-716-7200 6. Warman Security- 415-775-8513 7. Watchdog Locksmith and Security – 415-682-4812 By taking these steps to limit the ability of criminals to act within a community, a better quality of life can be enjoyed by residents of every age.