ADT Scottsdale, Arizona

Crime and Home Security in Scottsdale, AZ

Crime statistics
The majority of Scottsdale (the Tortilla Flat / Horse Mesa region) is an extremely safe place to live. This area encompasses 85% of the Scottsdale square mileage. There are, however, a number of more unsafe places to live.

The following areas in Scottsdale have the highest risks of living and the largest crime rates in the region:

  • Shadow Mountain Village / The Trails III regions, which are located in the southernmost part of Scottsdale, is the largest and statistically most unsafe to reside
  • N Scottsdale Rd / E Indian School Rd (located in the southeast of the city)
  • E Thomas Rd / N 60th St (located in the southeast of the city)

There are 5,663 annual crimes in Scottsdale, Arizona. Of these, 362 are violence related crimes and 5,301 crimes are property related, which includes theft and breaking and entering.

What most people don’t realize is that the majority of breaking and entering crimes such as theft and burglaries can be avoided with the simple installation of a home security device. Once the alarm sounds buglers are typically scared off and they won’t risk coming back. This not only protects your stuff but it also protects yourself as well as your family.

There are
31 crimes per square mile in Scottsdale and only 32 crimes per square mile in all of Arizona. Additionally, there were 46 registered sex offenders living in Scottsdale, Arizona as of October 19, 2016.

In the above mentioned areas, where the quality of living is a bit more unsafe, it is recommended that residents install adequate alarm systems to promote safety and well-being of themselves and their families. Alarm systems are affordable, easy to install and provide a great deal of peace, security while allowing you to live relatively stress free. Home security systems protect both your family and all of your most important assets and possessions.

Scottsdale, as a city, falls well below the average crime rate for the state of Arizona as a whole. In fact, your chances of becoming a victim in Scottsdale are only 1 in 637 whereas your chances of becoming a victim in Arizona are 1 in 250. That being said, Scottsdale appears to be a relatively safe place to live at the current moment.

This statement is backed up by
the following chart that shows, since 2002, crime rates have been decreasing in nearly every single type of crime. Rapes, assaults, murders, car thefts, arson, burglaries and robberies have all decreased over the past decade in Scottsdale. This is proof that Scottsdale is slowly and gradually become a safer place to live despite recent crimes that have been happening and will continue to happen.

As crime rates have decreased, making the area an overall safe and comfortable place to live, housing rates have increased due to a higher demand to live in this area.

Housing rates
Housing rates are rising quickly in Scottsdale, AZ. Within the past 12 months alone, housing rates have seen a 4.6% rise. This is a steep and fast change in the housing market. Furthermore, real estate agents predict that the market will continue to rise another 1.3% within the next 12 months. The market temperature is cool, making it a good time to buy or sell.

These statistics are a fairly good indicator that things are going well in the surrounding regions of Scottsdale. Rises in real estate usually represent places where the residents are happy and healthy, thriving and where crime is lower and the area for living is safer.

Police departments in Scottsdale, AZ
The Scottsdale Police Department consists of three localities that work together as one unified force. The stations are located at: 8401 E Indian School Rd; 3700 N 75th St and 20363 N Pima Rd. The phone number to call in case of emergency and in instances when it is necessary to report abuse, domestic violence, theft, assault or other crimes is: (480) 312-5000.

Crimes, as is nationally suggested, are usually reduced in areas surrounding law enforcement facilities due to highly trafficked areas by police and other homeland security officials. Likewise, considering the opposite side of this, crimes are usually more concentrated surrounding prisons as chances of outbreak are possible. In these instances, residents are put at a high risk.

In addition to knowing where the police departments are located it is also important to know where the prisons are located.

Prison in Scottsdale
There are three major prison complexes in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Department of Corrections
3213 N Longmore Rd

The City of Tempe Jail
120 E 5th St
(480) 350-8569

Arizona State Prison Complex
2500 E Van Buren St
(602) 685-3100
*This is the largest of the three facilities as it operates as a state penitentiary. It is located just west of Scottsdale and just outside of Phoenix.

Alarm companies in Scottsdale, AZ
COPS Monitoring Arizona Office
8561 E Anderson Dr #109
(800) 367-2677

Safeguard Security
8454 N 90th St
(480) 609-6200

Scottsdale Security Systems
7842 E Gray Rd # 7
(480) 991-6266