ADT Kent, Washington

How Much Thought Have You Given To The Security Of Your Home?
Security in a home is something that should be taken seriously and is more than just installing a deadbolt on a door. Today’s peace of mind for safety should include a security system that protects the doors, windows, and perimeter of a home. The crime rate in Kent is much higher than the state and national average. Waiting until a crime takes place and wishing you had a security system is already too late to make this type of determination. Being violated by a robbery or theft of personal property can cause undue stress that could have been eliminated by a security system. Getting out of bed repeatedly to check doors and windows after a crime has been committed in the area is no way to live. How High Is The Crime Rate? To put the crime rate into perspective, you have a one in 20 chance of becoming a victim of a burglary. There are 226 crimes per square mile committed, and the national average is only 32.8. That’s almost eight times the national average. These staggering statistics can be reduced when a homeowner chooses to install a security system to protect their home, their family and themselves. Last year, there was 6,243 crimes reported against property. That is 49.72 per 1,000 residents in the area. Those rates almost guarantee that you’ll be a victim of a crime without a proper security system. How Many Police Departments Are There In The Area? Kent only has one police department and it is located at 220 4th Ave. South. Although the police do their best to arrive on a call as quickly as possible, the fact is, traffic and a delay of a call into their station can extend that. Once a home alarm is set, a call will go out immediately to the police if any of the secured areas are entered. This can rapidly speed up the time the police arrive. If there were a lot of 911 calls that evening combined with a delay in the call, the police may not arrive for 15-30 minutes after a burglar has gained access to a home. Why Should You Be Concerned? A home that does not have a security system is more likely to be burglarized than one without. Thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets. Open windows or garage doors allow them to gain access quickly. A security system won’t let the owner set the alarm until the entire area is locked and secured. It’s a very helpful reminder when you can’t set the alarm because something is open. The national average for robberies is 101.9 per 100,000 people, and in this area, it’s 113.2. Burglaries in the area are almost double the national average at a staggering 711.1 compared to 491 nationally. That single reason alone is why a security system should be installed on a home. Are There Added Features To A Security System? Security systems today can be installed with voice prompts. If a door or window opens, the speaker will immediately announce what area has been opened. This is very helpful for parents who have young children that try to gain access outside when someone isn’t looking. Video cameras allow a homeowner to view what’s going on at their home through a computer or an app on their phone. The cameras can be viewed by a security system 24 hours a day or recorded on a DVR for review by the homeowner. It’s a great feature to choose when a home owner can’t be awake or at home 24 hours a day but wants to see what’s been going on. Video surveillance can be placed on a jump drive to be used in court or to file a police report. Where Are There Security Companies In The Area?
There are several security companies that have been in business in the area for many years. They can discuss a homeowner’s needs with them and determine the best type of system for the home. Some of the companies are: PJ Security Solutions. They are located at 1546 Northwest 56th Ave. Southwest of SeattleCustom Defense Systems, Inc. at 19730 64th Ave. West, Street 320SafeStreets, USA is an ADT company located at 1602 Kish BoulevardNetco Security, LLC at 2303 171st Street EastZeus Fire & Security, LLC, 14706 Meridian Ave E, Unit 12 Neighborhood watches are a great way to secure a neighborhood, but with people working and raising a family, it’s almost impossible to constantly cover a neighborhood for suspicious activity. In addition, this type of program can’t see when someone’s already gone inside of a home and left through the back door. Going to sleep at night becomes more peaceful knowing there’s an extra layer of protection for you and your family. The installation of a siren inside of your home will immediately notify everyone there’s been a break in the security barrier. This is a much better choice than being woken up by a burglar standing in your bedroom with a gun or a knife. Even though crime is on the rise, there’s no reason to let yourself fall victim to it. Get a security system installed. The security systems have payment plans that fit everyone’s budget. You’ll enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and can be away from your home for the day or an extended period of time without worrying that it had been burglarized.