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What Are The Most Vital Reasons For Installing A Home Security System Today?

Criminal Statistics in Redding

The city of Redding, California possesses a population of 91,593. While this population places it below other cities in population, it doesn’t decrease the risk of criminal activities. In fact, the crime index for this city is 6 which indicates an exceedingly higher risk of danger for residents as compared to other California cities. While the index implies that it is 6% safer than other cities in the country with a similar population, it is classified as a more crime-ridden area.

According to statistics, the city had 632 violent crimes reported last year. This indicates that 6.90 out of every 1,000 residents was a victim of a violent crime. Next, the city has a total of 4,083 property-related crimes. These statistics show that 44.58 out of every 1,000 residents was a victim of a property-related crime. As a whole, the city reported 4,715 crimes altogether for the year. This indicates that 51.48 out of every 1,000 residents became a victim of a crime last year alone.

In contrast, the violent crimes reported included 4 murders, 74 rapes, 142 robberies, and 412 physical assaults. These statistics show that one in every 145 residents was the victim of a violent crime in Redding. Next, among the property-related crimes committed there were 802 home invasions, 2,660 thefts, and 621 automobile thefts. As a whole, these statistics show that 77 crimes occurred per square mile within Redding.

Jails, Detention Centers, and Sex Offenders

The Shasta County jail and juvenile facility are located in Redding. These facilities increase the risk of dangerous circumstances for local homeowners. They present a greater risk of violent acts and home invasions due to escapes. The facilities house criminals that committed a multitude of crimes. They aren’t limited to regulatory infractions that don’t pose a serious risk. With this increased risk of escapees and home invasions, property owners need to install home security systems that lower the probabilities of the impact of escapes by inmates.

According to reports, the city of Redding is the home of 303 registered sex offenders. The ratio of offenders to residents is 300 to 1. This indicates a high risk for families in the area. This threat provides homeowners with a clear picture of why they need to install home security systems in their properties. The law requires sex offenders to provide notification to neighborhoods at any time that they move into a new area. This provides homeowners with details about their whereabouts. This information shows homeowners in what areas they or their children are at a greater risk.

The Local Housing Market

Currently, the property values in Redding equate to an average of $250,000. This indicates that the properties are $153 per square foot. The average rental price in the area is $1,295. The market reflects an increase of 5% within the last year. Predictions indicate that the market values could increase 3.2% in the upcoming year. With a stable housing market, property owners could protect the value of their investment. However, with the higher than average crime rate, they may need high-tech home security to avoid property damage and personal injuries. The rate of home invasions in the area will affect these values in the future.

Security Options

There are two basic types of home security systems – wired or wireless. These options enable the property owner to perform a variety of tasks to keep their home secure. This includes numerous forms of monitoring their property include in-home monitors, remote connections, and portable displays. The camera setups help them choose what option is most advantageous for their property. Wired cameras are viable, but they could present some issues. Wireless cameras could provide them with more adjustable features.

What Options are Best for Monitoring When the Owner is Away?

Smart ADT Redding, California home systems work well with security options. They connect with the right security system and help the homeowner monitor the property through remote access. They can review the interior or exterior of the property at any time. This includes connections to smartphones and mobile devices linked to the security system.

In Redding, California, homeowners must assess imminent risks associated with the current crime rates. These risks could lead them to become a victim of a violent crime or home invasion. The need for security in this city is considerably higher than others. Homeowners who are ready to install these systems contact a local provider now.


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