ADT Santa Clarita, California

Santa Clarita, CA is Dealing With a Surge of Burglary & Violence

Santa Clarita is a gem tucked away in California. This city is considered the third largest city in the Los Angeles county. It is a place of quietude and was ranked number 18 on the list of the best places to live by Money magazine. Still, every gem will have some defects. Santa Clarita has a few issues, which should concern homeowners in the area.

Two Types of Crime on the Horizon

Some say that a home is only as good as the neighborhood, meaning that those who live in Santa Clarita have a few things to worry about.

Surge in Violence

One issue that Santa Clarita officers are baffled with is the recent rise in violent crimes happening in great neighborhoods of the city. The crimes have been related to domestic violence, but it has definitely shocked the community. Police are attempting to help the community by introducing more mental and domestic health specialists to the city. This is meant to help people with issues get through them without resorting to violence. It is clear that there are many paths to improve things; hopefully, this effort is fruitful.

Burglary on the Rise

Burglaries are also on the rise. Many homes are being targeted by criminals, putting the good people of Santa Clarita in significant danger. For example, a man from Santa Clarita was recently arrested in connection with several break-ins around the city. The man mostly targeted apartments. He stole property, but he also attempted to sexually molest the people on the premises. It is definitely clear that homeowners need to be aware of the reality of these crimes. Many people make the mistake of assuming that crimes will never happen to them. The truth is that there is a significant chance that a homeowner can become a victim, meaning taking precautions like installing a home security system is a good idea.

It is important that the homeowner does a little homework when it comes to the types of security systems that he or she wants to install. Santa Clarita has attracted professional home invaders. A recent crime spree was halted when a ring of sophisticated home burglars were caught after victimizing several homes in the area.

What to Look for in Good Home Security Systems

Homeowners should not delay the installation of a good home security system. Sure, it is important to ensure that the right system is chosen, but the danger is real. Of course, Hollywood has managed to poke fun of home invasions in family-friendly movies like “Home Alone.” Real criminals are not this gullible, and they are very dangerous.

Homeowners should consider the following tips when searching for a good home security system in Santa Clarita:

Decide on Wireless or Wired Security

The first decision that homeowners in Santa Clarita need to make is whether their system will be wired or wireless. Wireless offers the capability of connecting things like camera feed, functions around the house, or a smartphone through applications. Wired usually does not offer those capabilities.

Still, wireless systems can be hacked by sophisticated burglars and be used against the homeowner. A hacked system could be used by the burglar to see if anyone is home or to shut down the system entirely. Wired systems could be compromised should the burglar find the wire and cut it.

Encryption Will be Helpful

Those who are thinking of installing wireless system should make sure that it comes with encryption and other anti-hacking features. The encryption ensures that it is hard to access. Other systems come with two-way communication services, along with the monitoring service. This system is designed to check the surveillance system frequently to make sure that it is transmitting data at all times. An alarm is set off the moment that the system notices that there is an interruption in data transference.

Installing Cameras

It is a known fact that installing home security alarm systems can help deter intruders. Homes with cameras outside of the property could help detect other crimes around the neighborhood, as some security cameras record with great definition. Still, it is important to know where to install security recording devices to ensure that each device has a great chance of catching a crook attempt to enter the property. The prime locations to focus on is the living room, back door entrances, windows, garage door, and the basement should there be an entry point.

These are just some things to consider regarding the security system that will be installed.

Being Vigilant

Yes, a home security system can help ensure the safety of those within the house and the property itself, but it does not hurt to take other precautions. The following are just a few suggestions that might help keep a neighborhood in Santa Clarita as safe as possible:

  • Look for graffiti around the neighborhood as it is a good indicator of gang activity. This should be reported to the police or the neighborhood watch.
  • Report any home that seems to be vacant. Vacant homes are sometimes used by criminals to case out homes and study the pattern of the owners, which makes their break-ins easier.
  • Be sure to report suspicious vehicles around the neighborhood, especially if there is someone inside who does not seem to go into a residence.

Sure, these are just a few tips to help keep a homeowner vigilant. The key is go with gut feelings because they can be right. All a homeowner has to do is report suspicions to a police officer, and let them take care of the situation. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully, everyone in Santa Clarita can help restore the peace it once enjoyed.