ADT Baytown, Texas

Home Security and Asset Protection in Texas

If there’s one thing Texans know about, it’s self-protection. The Lone Star state is known to be a place where almost everyone carries a gun. This means that pretty much everyone is safe from muggings and other kinds of assault. In fact, most criminals would either be very brave or very foolish to attempt to rob a Texan. Unfortunately, the same does not always apply to Texas homes. Just like any other state, most homes in Baytown are very vulnerable to burglary and intrusions. There are a few statistics that might shock homeowners and finally convince them to call a professional service provider for home security. Most burglars are eager to avoid homes with a security system. A home without a security system installed is more than twice as likely to be burglarized as one with a system installed. Contrary to popular belief, most robberies occur during daylight hours. Between the hours of ten am and three pm, most people are at work or school, making these hours ideal for a burglary. Most robberies are committed by someone that lives nearby. Most criminals are looking for an easy score. Driving a few miles down the road is much easier than having to make a long trip to the next town. An experienced burglar can rob a home in ten minutes or less. Most people think large items that cost more money are more likely to be stolen. The truth is, smaller items can be just as valuable but are much easier to make off with. Nearly one-third or robberies are made possible because of an unlocked door or window. Most people don’t think about locking their windows and people who live in decent areas consider their neighborhood safe enough to leave their door unlocked. These are both very serious mistakes. More than one-third or burglars simply walk right in the front door. It’s surprising to learn that most people don’t think much of a stranger walking into a home when the door is left unlocked. This simple mistake could lead to some very serious loss. During the average burglary, homeowners suffer over two thousand dollars in losses. Most people will be pretty hard pressed to come up with two thousand dollars or more to replace stolen items. Only about ten percent of reported burglaries result in an arrest. In most cases, a lack of evidence is the cause. If cameras are installed in a home the police might have enough information to identify unique traits or marks that could identify the burglar. These statistics might be a little scary fro some homeowners, but the facts are hard to ignore. Adding a home security system is the best way to avoid burglaries and make sure everyone in the family is safe and sound no matter what time of day it is. No homeowner should have to worry that their family or property is safe. With the help of a local service provider, homeowners in Baytown can put those worries to rest and stay focused on what really matter throughout their day.

Home Security Audit

Most homeowners are completely unaware that their yard might be the ideal point of entry for a criminal hungry to make a score. Homes on large lots of land can be very difficult to secure. With the right hardware, any intruder can be detected and the authorities can be contacted right away, but that’s only if security vulnerabilities have been identified. The homeowner will need to contact a professional home security provider to schedule a home security audit. During a home security audit, the service provider will work to identify issues in or around the home that could allow an intruder to approach the home. Anything in the yard that could be used by an adult to hide behind should be removed. Shrubs and trees should be trimmed in order to reduce the likelihood that someone might lurk behind them. Motion sensors can be installed all around the home to alert family members when there’s unexpected activity outside. Cameras are a good start as well. Once all the vulnerabilities have been identified, the homeowner can address the issue of home security with a sense of purpose.

Security System Installation and Monitored Services

Each and every home is unique. In some cases, it might be necessary to create an equally unique security solution. Professional service providers can work with homeowners to find the ideal solution and secure the home from top to bottom and inside out. This may require a little creative thinking, but there’s always a solution when it comes to home security. The experience of a trained professional definitely makes it easier to make sure every inch of the home is secured with professional quality hardware and devices. When it comes time to start the day it means the homeowner is going to have to leave. This means there’s no one home to alert the authorities should a break-in occur. Instead of leaving the home unsupervised, homeowners can rely on monitored services to help. Monitored services are like borrowing a pair of eyes when no one is home. If an alert is triggered the service provider can simply access certain camera angles and alert emergency services if necessary. Even if the homeowner is busy or unable to call the police, the service provider can help make sure the authorities are contacted as soon as possible, hopefully resulting in an arrest.