ADT Casper, Wyoming

Safety in Casper Wyoming

One of the most beautiful cities in the United States is Casper, Wyoming. Located in the northern plains of the central part of the US, Casper is on the eastern side of Wyoming. As a distinctly western boomtown, Casper is supported mainly by the oil and gas industry now. Originally, Fort Caspar was built in the mid-1800’s as a location where mass migration of land seekers to California, and Oregon stopped along the way to their final destinations as well as being a location on the Mormon trail. Casper is noted for having wide open spaces and the friendliness of residents. The weather in Casper Wyoming can be hot in the summer, but extremely cold in the winter and the winds in Casper Wyoming usually must be felt to be truly understood.

As of 2010, Casper was named the highest ranked family friendly small city, and ranked 8th overall in the US by Forbes magazine list of best small cities to raise a family. Violent crime rates in Casper are very low, with Casper considered safer than 20% of cities in the US. The rates for property crime are 212 acts of burglary and 1,396 thefts. This can allow residents to not be as aware of the potential crime that can take place. In Wyoming, there are growing problems with the use of drugs such as heroin and meth. There are a few reasons that this is taking place. One is that the cost of these drugs has dropped dramatically over the last several years and another is that more drug use is taking place where no drug problems were happening. Places free of serious drug problems even a few years ago have started to see them more often. It’s unfortunate that places without previous exposure to drug use can have local law enforcement become quickly strained as it tries to keep up with the demand for heroin, once it has become available. Many residents of Casper spend time outdoors doing activities like hunting and fishing. The number of firearms owned by Wyoming residents is difficult to calculate but the rate of firearms deaths per 100,000 residents in Wyoming is 17.4, while the national rate is 10. Having a gun is not a guarantee of security. If someone owns a gun but does not become practiced in its use, it will be more difficult for them to react in a moment when a gun is needed for protection.

Someone trying to break into a location can also have a firearm. Confronting someone with a firearm can be very dangerous and should only be done as a last resort when someone in a residence is directly under threat of being hurt themselves or there is a threat of harm to someone else in the residence. When domestic violence occurs, a firearm has a much greater chance of being used. Places like Casper that have a low crime rate can also be places where someone who has committed a serious crime may travel through and see them as places to find valuables or firearms that could be used to commit other crimes. Because so many residents of Casper join in outdoor activities, there are long periods of time when residents are not in their homes. The Casper Wyoming Police Department is located at 201 N David St #1, Casper, WY 82601, and the phone number is (307) 235-8278. The police department does have a crime stoppers program and can assist neighborhoods that want to start a watch program with doing so. The benefit to this is while police may not know every person who is visiting or coming to live on a street, residents usually do. There are a few things anyone living in Casper can do to reduce the possibility of crime taking place. 1. Contacting the police when anything looks suspicious or strange, or if anyone is seen who is acting oddly. 2. Keeping doors that are inside a garage that would allow entry into a home locked. 3. If firearms are kept, they should be properly stored away. 4. Hedges or plants outside a home should be kept away from windows and trimmed to not become places where someone could hide. Home security cameras that are installed and connect to the internet allow someone to see what is going on in a residence whenever a motion sensor inside or outside is activated or when someone knocks on a door. This can be helpful when a crime is in progress, it can take time to contact and explain to police what is happening which allows more time for a burglar to get away. Another way to prevent property crime is to use an alarm system that has been professionally installed. 
Companies that provide security services include; G4S Solutions (307) 266-2774 Full Spectrum Monitoring (307) 472-0365 ComTronix (307) 265-8838 Zook Security (307) 333-6115 ADT Security (307) 202-4244 Having a home security system is part of doing all that can be done to keep a home and its residents safe and to deter crime like burglary or theft from taking place at a home. A business can also benefit from following these guidelines to prevent theft from taking place. As well, being aware of anyone who seems to act in a strange way near the time a business is opening or closing, or anyone who is nearby a business for a long period of time without coming inside. Following these guidelines is an important way for anyone to be safe in Casper Wyoming.