ADT Conroe, Texas

Crime Time In The Lone Star State
Conroe is a medium-sized deep in the heart of Texas. Even though it is 40 miles from Houston, it is still considered part of the Houston metropolitan area. Unfortunately, being tied to a big city results in being tied to the problems of big-city crime, as is evident with the following crimes. Buried In The Backyard On September 20, Amalia Alexander was reported missing by relatives after she had failed to show up for work. Her ex-boyfriend immediately became a suspect but nothing could be proven. She had filed for and received a restraining order or protection against him due to a violent beating he subjected her to just a few days before. Luckily, it was just a matter of days before police could finally gain access to surveillance video footage showing the man coming and going at her apartment. The man was immediately arrested for violating the restraining order but would not confess to any crime being committed. Police used evidence obtained from the footage and combined it with cell phone records to find the remains of the woman buried in a shallow grave. There was evidence that the man had been at the site of the remains and he was charged with murder in the first degree. While it is a tragedy that the woman lost her life at such an early age, her loved ones can find comfort in the fact that the accused will no longer be able to harm another living soul. The above crime shows the importance of having a professional security system installed. While the crime did not have a happy ending, who knows how long the murderer could have been on the loose if he was not captured on video at the scene of the crime. Police spokespeople claimed that the video footage was the single most important piece of evidence in helping to solve this crime. Tweedledumb And Tweedledumber In June of 2016, Conroe police were able to respond to a burglary actually in progress. In the neighborhood of West Oaks Circle, neighbors witnessed two men kicking in the back door of a home. They immediately called police who were dispatched quickly to the scene. After arriving, they realized the men had fled and left behind a pillowcase containing their ill-gotten gains. The officers found a neighbor who had security cameras installed on the outside of the home and received permission to access and utilize the footage. They released clear video of the men running away from the scene and released it to the public. It was not long after that the not-so-dynamic duo were arrested and placed where they belong, behind bars. Shootout Surveillance cameras recorded a modern Texas shootout in October 2016 when 4 armed and hooded men tried to rob a jewelry store. When they tried to snatch a purse from an elderly woman, one of the employees pulled out a handgun and began firing at the would-be robbers. A second employee whipped out an AK-47(!) and began to spray the bad guys with bullets. It is not known if the employee’s last name was Rambo. The criminals began to fire back and escaped but one of them was killed during the firefight. Luckily, none of the customers were killed or injured during the epic display of machismo. Police are currently using the store surveillance footage to look for clues as to the identity of the robbers. Police say that since the incident was frantic, nobody in the store could provide a description as to what they looked like and that the footage could prove crucial to solving the case.
Police Info
The City of Conroe Police Department have an incredibly useful website located at The website contains many valuable links including online accident report forms, public record requests, and a map detailing where recent crimes have happened and neighborhood crime statistics. The department is physically located at: Police Department
2300 Plantation Drive
Conroe, Texas 77303 936.522.3200 Neighborhood Watch There is definitely not a lack of neighborhood watch programs that operate in the city of Conroe. The following is just a sample of the programs currently running: Crockett Trace HOA
16322 Crockett Bend Drive
Conroe, Texas, 77303 LSR Neighborhood Watch
16282 wild oak ln
Conroe/ Montgomery, Texas, 77302 Protect Our Family
2523 River Ridge
Conroe, Texas, 77385 Security Companies To complement the hard work that the neighborhood watch programs do, there is also a wide variety of home security companies to choose from. A cursory look at the internet pulls up the following: Data Link Security Systems Address: 800 N Thompson St, Conroe, TX 77301 Phone: (936) 441-2422 iTech Monitoring Address: 16753 Donwick Dr Ste A2, Conroe, TX 77385 Phone: (936) 242-6409 ADT Security Address: 101 E Davis St, Conroe, TX 77301 Phone: (936) 755-3222 Smart Touch Automation & Security Address: 2418 N Frazier St, Conroe, TX 77303 Phone: (832) 579-3000 Viviant Home Security Address: 1111 League Line Rd, Conroe, TX 77303 Phone: (936) 242-8782 Good Place To Live With a burgeoning economy and lots of big-city Southern culture to draw from, one could experience much happiness by moving to Conroe, Texas. The weather in the summer may be hot and humid but the winter brings a cool and dry time that is devoid of some of the nastiness that more northern states endure. Since it is just a short drive to the enormous city of Houston, there is access to great nightlife and tons of authentic Texan restaurants. There are several smaller colleges that reside right in Conroe, including Lone Star College-Montgomery Campus and the Lone Star College University Center.