ADT Dubuque, Iowa

Frequently Asked Questions About a Home Security System
Residents in Dubuque might love the city they live in, but they might be aware of the high crime rates within the city. Incorporated in 1833, Dubuque is home to around 58,000 residents today. With the growing number of residents, however, there is a growing amount of crime and a reason for many people to be worried about their safety. Below are some of the frequently asked questions homeowner might have. What is a Property Crime and Why Should Homeowners be Worried About Them? Property crimes are any crimes that include the loss of belongings. The main three types of property crimes include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. A person is more likely to be the victim of a property crime than they are of a violent crime, and a property crime can occur at their home when they’re not there or when they’re asleep. A homeowner will want to be worried about the amount of property crime in their area so they can ensure they do not become a victim. What is the Crime Index for the City and What Does it Mean? Dubuque has a crime index of 14 out of a possible 100, with 100 being the best score possible. The number is based on the amount of crime in the area and on the number of residents and shows how likely it is a person will become the victim of a crime. In Dubuque, there is a one in 30 chance of a resident being the victim of a property crime. Per year, there is 563 burglaries, 1,330 thefts, and 52 motor vehicle thefts reported. What Can a Homeowner Do to Make Their Neighborhood Safer to Live In? A safer neighborhood means a lower chance of the residents being the victim of a property crime. In Dubuque, the eastern part of the city tends to have the most crime and the southern part of the city tends to have the least amount of crime. Homeowners in any area can check with their neighbors or online to determine if there’s a neighborhood watch program for their neighborhood. If so, they’ll want to make sure they are an active member. This means keeping an eye on the neighborhood when they’re home and reporting any suspicious behavior to the police quickly. If there isn’t one already, the homeowner can contact the police department to get more information on how to create one for their neighborhood. What Can a Homeowner Do to Protect Their Home? Homeowners are going to want to ensure their home is secure. All belongings should be brought inside, secured in a shed or garage, or otherwise secured when they’re not outside. They should make sure the locks on the doors and windows are functional and cannot be easily broken to help prevent a burglary. They will also want to ensure their home can easily be seen from the street at night by using lights on all entryways so criminals cannot use the darkness to buy them enough time to unlock the door or a window. What Should a Homeowner Consider Before Purchasing a Security System? A homeowner has quite a few options to consider before they purchase any security system. They will first want to determine if they’d prefer to monitor their own system or if they’d prefer to work with a security company that can monitor the system for them. Most homeowners are going to want to work with a security company as this means there is always someone to respond if an alarm is set off at their home. Next, they’ll want to consider the exact components they might need to feel their home is secure. How Can a Homeowner Tell What Security System is Right for Their Needs? When a homeowner decides to work with a monitoring company, they still have quite a few options to consider. They’ll want to choose the right company to work with based on the typical response time to alarms, the number of options the person has to fully secure their home, and the cost of both the installation and monitoring their system. They’ll also want to consider whether they need a more basic package or if they’ll need a more advanced one. Typically, a homeowner who only wants to ensure no one can get inside their home will look into a more basic package that includes detectors for the doors and a motion-detector for the inside of the home. Those who want to keep an eye on any belongings outside or What Companies Offer Monitored Security Systems for Residents? There are quite a few options for homeowners who would like to invest in a monitored security system for their home. Two of the options in Dubuque include AI Security Company and ADT. A homeowner will want to use the points above to choose the right company and package to fit their needs. From there, a technician can be scheduled to install and test the security system for the homeowner, as well as review how it works and what they can do with the components they’ve chosen for their security system. These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions about home security in Dubuque. By taking advantage of the tips here and installing a security system, residents can ensure they are as protected as possible against property crimes and can help make their neighborhood a safer place to live. Start looking into what you can do today to reduce your chance of being a property crime victim.