ADT Euless, Texas

Take the Time to Protect Your Home from Property Crimes

Located in Tarrant county, Euless, Texas is home to around 51,000 people as of the 2010 census. The crime in the area is significant for the number of people there, although not nearly as bad as other cities. However, this does mean that people living in the area might wonder what they can do to help prevent property crimes at their home and to protect their home and their family. Taking the right steps can do quite a bit to help the resident feel more secure about where they live.

What Do Statistics Say About the City?

Euless has a crime index of 33, meaning it’s safer than about 33% of the cities in America. This also means that about 67% of the cities in America are safer than Euless, which is a significant number. Within the city, there are typically 163 burglaries, 812 thefts, and 120 motor vehicle thefts per year. A person who lives here is going to have a one in 50 chance of being a victim of a crime, which is lower than the Texas average of one in 35.

What Does the Neighborhood Say About the Crime Levels?

Exactly where a person lives within the city is going to say a lot about their chance of being the victim of a property crime. The center of the city tends to have more crime, while the north, northwestern and southeastern sections of the city tend to be safer areas to live in. A person can check out crime maps of the city to view where their neighborhood falls as far as the amount of crime is concerned as well as to learn more about what types of crimes are occurring near where they live.

Where Should a Person Go if They’re Planning on Moving?

If a person is planning on moving to or within Euless during the next year, it might be a good idea to check out the crime maps online for Euless. They can take a look at what crimes occur more frequently in what areas so they know which neighborhoods are going to be safer to live in and which ones they might want to avoid. This will give them the chance to find out more about the specific crimes occurring in neighborhoods they’re interested in so they can be sure they’ll choose a home that’s going to be as safe as possible.

What Can a Person Do Outside of Their Home?

Outside of the home, there is quite a bit a person can do to further secure their home. It’s important to ensure the home is clearly visible from the street. This way, criminals won’t have anywhere to hide when they’re trying to break into the home and will likely leave to look for an easier home to enter. A homeowner can accomplish this by investing in lights for entryways or by trimming bushes under windows so they cannot act as hiding spots. The residents should also ensure they bring anything valuable inside the home when they’re in the house or away to ensure no one can drive or walk by and take it.

What Can a Person Do Inside Their Home?

Inside the home, a person can ensure they have any important paperwork or highly valuable belongings locked in a safe. One that bolts to the floor is often safer than one that’s portable. They will also want to ensure they have anything that is irreplaceable put where it’s not easily noticed by a thief. Additionally, the homeowner will want to write down the make, model, and serial number for any electronics or other expensive items to make it more likely they’ll be found if there is a burglary.

Should a Person Purchase a Home Security System?

It’s often a good idea for a person to purchase a security system for their Euless home as this gives them the chance to alert the police quickly if anything happens. This means there’s a higher chance the thief will be caught and they’ll get their belongings back again. Additionally, a sign for the security company in the front yard or a camera that’s easily noticed can help deter thefts and burglaries. The criminals will not want to be caught and so, most of the time, will skip a home that has a security system and look for one that’s easier to enter.

What are the Options for Home Security Systems?

If a person wants to choose a security system for their home, they do have quite a few options. Do-it-yourself systems are popular right now because they don’t require a monthly fee, they include whatever components the homeowner prefers, and they can be connected to the homeowner’s smartphone to be accessed and viewed no matter where the homeowner is. Monitored security systems have been around longer and are also an excellent choice for many Euless homeowners. Although the homeowner might not be able to choose the brand of equipment they purchase, the system will be monitored by someone who can contact the police any time an issue is detected for them. Additionally, they can take advantage of professional installation to ensure everything works properly. For those living in the Euless area, protecting the home from property crimes might be a concern. Although this is not one of the worst cities to live in within America, the residents are going to want to take advantage of tips like the ones here to protect their home and their belongings. Doing so can help make sure their home is protected and can help them feel more secure about where they live.