ADT Galveston, Texas

Home Security in Galveston, Texas

Being a separate island city off the Gulf Coast, Galveston, Texas is a point of interest for many tourists. This is great for the city, but not always ideal for residents that live there. Home security is of the utmost importance in locations such as this, as is it hard to know what a stranger from outside the area will do. Crime in the city is at an all-time high, and precautions should be put in place to work to lower these rates.

Crime Rate

Galveston earns a nine on the crime index. The city is only safer than nine percent of all other U.S. cities. This is a very alarming number. More than 2,000 crimes occur annually, with more than 1,900 of them related to property. Property crimes include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. Theft is the most common. The state of Texas has the chance of victimhood listed as 1 in 35. Galveston’s residents have a 1 in 26 chance. With lowered odds, it is much more likely to happen.

Un-Safe Streets

Almost the entire southwest side of Galveston is prone to crime. Fort Crockett has had numerous incidents reported, while the streets of Fm 3005, Seawall Boulevard, Avenue North, and 32nd Street are also among the list of top crime areas. Home security is incredibly necessary in this part of town.

Safest Streets

While high crime areas are located in the city, there are also safe streets as well. Several locations have had very limited reports on crime incidents. The very eastern part of the city, including Anderson Ways, Copilot Lane, and Travel Air are among the safest spots in the neighborhood. The northern part of town is included as well, such as Haliburton Road, Broadway Street, and the area surrounding Texas A & M University Galveston. Even though these places are considered safer, there is still a need to install an alarm system that will keep these places protected.

Police Presence in Galveston

There are several police options in the Galveston area. This helps residents to know that there is some police protection nearby. The Galveston Police Department is located at 601 54th Street. Texas A & M University at Galveston also has their own university police that patrol the areas. Their constant presence and fast response time is part of why this is one of the safest parts of town. There is also the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office. They are committed to serving all people, and doing so with respect and fairness.

Galveston Gangs

Just because there is a police presence does not mean there are no gangs running the streets. Galveston gangs have long been a concern, and continue to be on a regular basis. A police sweep in 2014 lead to 30 gang-related arrests in the Galveston area. It was mostly comprised of juvenile members that were reported to be part of a slew of robberies and drug crimes in the summer months. Fifteen of them were only between the ages of 11 and 15. They were found to be part of the Omega gang, with ties to the Crips.

Jailing Facilities

There is one main jailing facility in Galveston. The Galveston County Jail is located at 5700 Avenue H. The jail’s website lists an inmate inquiry list right on its homepage. It allows residents to see exactly which criminals are locked up and why. With this information available, many residents feel safer knowing precisely who is locked up and no longer out on the streets causing chaos. On the other hand, many now see the violent crimes people in their neighborhood have committed.

Home Security Options

With gangs in the area, numerous unsafe streets, and a high crime rate, Galveston is in great need of home security options. Galveston offers various choices, including one through AT&T. AT&T Digital Life Home Security has the option to monitor the system from a remote location. Text and email alerts get sent to the homeowners while they are away, warning them of not only intruders, but also a fire, carbon monoxide in the home, and high water levels. This is only true if the customer chooses to have each of these options included in their plan. It is a more costly option, but it is a major prevention method for any type of disaster that could occur, naturally or otherwise. ADT is also a top choice in the city. A professional worker will fully install and set up the system. Once it is installed properly, the dispatch center will fully monitor all notifications coming from the system. Should the alarm be activated and not shut off in the appropriate amount of time, the dispatch unit will automatically call the homeowner to see if there is a problem. After no answer, a call is immediately placed to the police. Frontpoint is another possibility. Customers can get a free quote online or call 1-855-249-9870 to get a quote for services. There are various equipment options, such as a touch-screen control panel, intrusion sensors, and home automation system. There are also different plans based on how many doors and windows need coverage, and what types of additional home services are desired. Home security is always an important component to consider no matter where a person is. Even the safest city in all of America should utilize home security options to ensure the town remains as safe as people think. Galveston, a city with a high crime rate, is in definite need of alarms and security monitoring options that will deter criminals. It is time to make the city safe again.