ADT Grand Prairie, Texas

An Assessment Of Facts That Shows Why Home Security Systems Are Vital
The population of Grand Prairie, Texas is around 185,410. The city has a crime index of twenty-four. This doesn’t make it the safest city in Texas. However, this index does imply that it is twenty-four percent safer as compared to cities throughout the country. However, this index still reflects a need for home security for residential property owners. The following are details that present facts about the city showing why home security is vital for the city. What is Indicated by the Local Crime Statistics? The current crime statistics show that 483 violent crimes occurred in the last year. Among the 5,134 crimes reported in the city, 4,621 involved properties. These statistics indicate that 2.61 out of every 1,000 residents is likely to become involved in a violent crime. It also indicates that 25.09 out of every 1,000 residents is likely to become a victim of a home invasion. Upon further review of these statistics, the city had four murders reported in the last year. There were 74 rapes and 163 robberies. There were also 242 physical assaults reported. These statistics indicate that 1 in every 384 residents was involved in a crime last year. These higher rates show an increased risk to residents. They also show a valid reason for installing a home security system to lower associated risks and keep families safer. Are Homeowners Safer with Firearms in Their Homes? From a political standpoint, this city leans toward the right. For this reason, there are a higher than average rate of gun ownership. To acquire a permit for most firearms, the owners must complete specific courses. They include firearms safety and a basic training course for using these guns. However, the debate continues in regards to whether or not it is safe to possess firearms in the home. Statistics show that homeowners are more likely to become the victim of a gunshot wound if they have a firearm in their home. They are also at a greater risk of shooting a family member accidentally. While these statistics are valid, residents continue to increase the volume of gun ownership each day. This leads to yet another debate. Are firearms enough to protect homeowners if they experience a break-in? Home invaders are more likely to attempt a break-in when the homeowner isn’t home or when they are most vulnerable. This vulnerability is present when homeowners are sleeping. Without a security system, the criminal is more likely to acquire a firearm before the homeowner is aware of their presence. With a home security system, the homeowner acquires an alert when someone is nearby entry points around their property. This gives them more time to react. This extra time could give them a better chance to protect their home with their firearm and lower the risk of an accidental shooting. The combination of the security system and the firearm would provide better results. Were There Protests or Violence Related to Politics or Current Movements? Yes, the Next Generation Action Network is based in this city. The group continues to protest against police brutality that has become a trend in the area. However, in more recent months, officers were targeted and killed based on their race. While the initial group itself is peaceful and hasn’t incited violence or similar behaviors. This chapter of the Black Lives Matters like others is often interrupted by criminal elements that take advantage of their events to create mayhem and create property damage. This often leads to riots and business looting. The true message of the movement is often overshadowed by individuals who aren’t linked directly. For this reason, it raises cause for alarm among local residents. Homeowners who are situated near the city’s center need additional security for their properties. This includes the need for top-notch security systems that provide more beneficial features for owners who need to monitor their property more frequently. What is the Current State of the Local Housing Market? Currently, the average home price in Grand Prairie is $237,902. The current values indicate a cost of $96 per square foot. The average rental cost in the area is $1,595. According to housing predictions, a projected increase of 5.3% is likely within the next year. This value could indicate a better opportunity for property owners. Since the crime rate is lower than average for this metro area, these values could continue to increase further in upcoming years. However, to combat the probability of a home invasion and reduced values, homeowners should continue to install security systems in these properties. How Do Wireless Security Systems Work? Essentially, a wireless security system works via online connections. This enables the owner to access features available through remote connections. They can tap into their network to connect to the security system and view the property from the camera of their choice. Select security systems may provide audio as well as video to provide better monitoring. The systems may also provide additional connections to control other home features. They may include door locks, intercom systems, and connecting HVAC services. Owners can use these systems to control smart home features as well. In Grand Prairie, Texas, homeowners review criminal statistics to define their risks. The most recent statistics indicate a higher than average rate of criminal activities in the area that involved property owners. These risks included violent crimes including murder, assault, and rape. For these reasons, homeowners need an updated security system to keep them safe. Homeowners who want to acquire the systems contact their preferred distributor now.