ADT Kenosha, Wisconsin

Crime and Home Security Precautions in Kenosha, WI
When outsiders think of Wisconsin, they imagine it is nothing but endless fields of crops and small rural communities. This is simply not the case. In fact, the state is also home to several larger cities. Kenosha, located in the southeastern corner of the state, is a small city by national standards. However, it is large enough to accommodate multiple institutes of higher learning, several libraries, and the only metro station in the state, intending to bring commuters and visitors to nearby Chicago. As part of the Chicago Combined Statistical Area, the city is primarily comprised of commuters. Like many cities on the Great Lakes, it was initially founded on industry. Multiple major car manufacturers had plants in the area during the beginning of the 20th century, and although much of this industry has left the area, the community continues to thrive. Poverty rates are lower than Wisconsin state averages, and average household incomes higher. Some light industry still exists in business parks outside the city, but currently more of the city’s income is obtained through the tech industry and tourism than production and distribution. Despite being primarily a commuter city, Kenosha is attracting new residents all the time. A recent survey by WalletHub listed Kenosha as one of the top 100 cities in the country for first-time home buyers, and projected rates of job growth and consistent population increases make this unlikely to change any time soon. Those that are considering a move, either from elsewhere in Wisconsin, the United States, or abroad, are in good company. For those considering a move, it is important to learn about the community prior to purchasing or renting a home. Although Kenosha is fairly well-off economically, it’s not exactly one of the safest cities in the state, though average rates of both property and violent crime hover just below national averages. However, these crime rates are not uniform across the city’s many neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods located further inland from the coast all enjoy lower crime rates than their counterparts closer to downtown. Unsurprisingly, real estate and rent prices are higher in areas that have less crime. This can partially be attributed to a general trend of higher crime rates near urban centers. It may also be related to the ability of higher-income homeowners and families to provide adequate security for their homes. Those who have alarm systems installed are as much as 300% less likely to experience a break-in than households that don’t use home security technology. For those interested in taking advantage of security services, four companies have local offices within city limits. These offices are all located near the coast, but their service areas cover all of Kenosha’s neighborhoods. Apex Alarm Systems provides home alarms and security guard services, and has an office at 6321 23rd Ave. Comfort Security Inc. is located at 2014 69th St. AT&T Digital Life Home Security is a national supplier of home security equipment, with a local office at 255 22nd Ave. Affordable Alarm Systems LLC is a security system supplier serving the city and surrounding areas. They can be reached at (262) 818-8054. Many national carriers also offer services in the area, including SafeStreets USA, Northstar Alarm Services, LLC, and others. It’s important to take these kinds of statistics and anecdotal events into account when deciding whether or not to move to a new city, and what kind of safety precautions to take upon moving. This is particularly true of families, who have more to worry about when it comes to safety than valuable possessions. Most burglaries take place during the day when it is assumed no one is at home. This is particularly true in commuter communities. Most thieves go as far out of their way as possible to avoid having to interact with the owners or renters of the homes they are burglarizing. However, home invasions do occasionally occur when one or more residents are present. This can cause a serious safety hazard, as burglars often carry some form of weapon. Even a crow-bar can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a desperate man. Having a security alarm system installed will go a long way toward deterring burglars from targeting a home to begin with. It’s important to publicly display some indication that the home is protected in order to reap the preventative benefits of these alarms. This can be in the form of visible security cameras, or even just a decal in the window or a sign in the yard indicating that the home is protected. Should a burglar unwisely decide to break into a home that is protected by alarms or other forms of home security technologies, police will be contacted immediately, increasing the chances of catching the would-be thief in the act. Those with children present in the home for most of the day should consider setting home alarms even when people are home, if for no other reason than to ensure a quick police response. For those who live alone and commute to work, it’s a good idea to install security cameras as well as basic alarms. If no one is home to witness the burglary, it will be much harder for the authorities to apprehend the perpetrators after the fact without video or photographic evidence to work with. Police across the country regularly apprehend suspects after the fact thanks to conscientious homeowners’ security video captures. They also regularly enlist the help of the public in identifying individuals in photographs pulled from security camera footage. Kenosha residents, or future residents, may want to keep this in mind when deciding what level of security technology to invest in.