ADT Kettering, Ohio

Make Sure You Know How to Secure Your Home

Home to around 56,000 people, Kettering, Ohio is well loved for its outdoor activities and more than 280 acres of parks. The number of residents has declined some since the 1970’s, though there is still a large amount of crime in the area. Many residents here are going to want to know what they can do to make their home more secure and what they can do to protect their belongings from property crimes.

Understanding Property Crimes

Property crimes include crimes like theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. These are often more prevalent than other types of crime in an area and can cost the homeowner a significant amount of money when they occur. Theft is typically the largest type of property crime because it’s often a crime of opportunity. A thief might see something unattended and go ahead and take it when no one is looking. This is easier to get away with compared to burglary or motor vehicle theft, so it occurs more often.

Learning the Statistics for the City

Kettering has lower crime rates than Ohio in general, but the numbers are still significant. The city has a crime index of 34, meaning 66% of cities in America are going to be safer than this city. A person who lives here has a one in 51 chance of becoming the victim of a property crime. Each year, there’s approximately 230 burglaries, 801 thefts, and 52 motor vehicle thefts within the city.

What Lowers the Need for a Security System?

Although there is crime in Kettering, there are some aspects of where a person lives that will help lower their need for a security system. Some parts of the city are more crime-prone, so a person who lives in the safer areas of town might not need a security system. A homeowner can go online to check crime maps for their area to determine if they live in a high-crime or low-crime area of the city. They’ll also want to keep in mind how close they are to the local police station. The closer a person is to the police station, the faster the response time if there’s an issue. This typically leads to a lowered chance of a property crime simply because of how fast the police can respond and possibly catch the thief.

Are Homeowners Going to Want to Invest in a Security System?

No matter where in the city a person lives, they might want to consider purchasing a security system for their home. When a criminal detects a security system, through a sign or cameras on the home, they’re less likely to try to steal from the home or break into the home. If they do try to enter the home and the alarm is set off, there’s a higher chance they’ll be caught in the act. If the homeowner invests in cameras for their security system, there is a higher chance the criminal will be caught even if the police do not catch them in the act.

What Type of Security System is the Best?

There is no one security system that’s going to be best for every home. Instead, it’s a good idea for the homeowner to consider their needs and their preferences to determine what setup might be better for them. Home a Lot – Homeowners who are at their home a lot may be able to monitor the home on their own easier. A DIY system might be perfect here as they can set up cameras to detect anything around the home and receive alerts if anything is detected so they can contact the police quickly. Out of Town a Lot – If a person is out of town a lot, they might want to consider a monitored system. If they’re on a plane, on vacation, or somewhere else they won’t receive notifications from their security system, there’s nothing to worry about. The dispatch center can contact the police for them. Prefers to Install Their Own Equipment – If a person would rather choose and install their own equipment, they’re likely going to want to opt for a do-it-yourself security system so there are few to no restrictions on the equipment they can use. Would Rather Have a Professional Do the Installation – If the person doesn’t feel secure in their ability to install a security system, they might choose a monitored security system. A professional can help them choose the right components and install everything for them. Need to Consider a Smaller Budget – If the person has a smaller budget to begin with or doesn’t want to have to pay a monthly service fee, they’ll likely want to opt for a do-it-yourself security system. They can start with just the basics and add more as their budget allows, and they’ll be monitoring the system on their own so there’s no need to pay a service fee each month. Would Rather Have it All Done at Once – If they’d rather have everything done at once and have to do as little as possible to monitor the home, the person will want to opt for a monitored security system. They can still start with a more basic package, or they can get the top package from the start and work with a company that will monitor their home for them. Those living in Kettering might love the area they’re in, but still want to do as much as possible to protect their home and their family. Often, it’s going to be a good idea for the homeowner to start thinking about purchasing a security system for their home. This can significantly reduce the chance they’ll be a property crime victim and help them feel more secure when they’re at home. Take a look at your options today to learn more about the security systems that might be right for your home.