ADT Killeen, Texas

Make Sure You’re Protected From a Home Invasion
Crime always seems to pop up in the news, even in a smaller city like Killeen, Texas. Although the population is only 140,000, it’s still a sizeable community and the potential for crime is definitely there. Depending on which neighborhood a person lives in, how close to the police department they are, and other aspects of where the home is located, it’s possible the homeowner has the potential to be a victim of a home invasion. It’s a good idea for them to look into a home security system to reduce this chance. About the City Itself Part of Bell County in Texas, the city is adjacent to Fort Hood, which has had two shooting sprees in the last 7 years. There are multiple options for those who want to obtain higher education, as well as plenty of opportunities for work within the city. In fact, the latest documents show the unemployment rate is around 4%, with most of the people employed at the nearby Fort Hood. In 2008, there were 885 violent crime reports within the city and 4,757 reports of non-violent crime, which is higher than both the Texas and US rates per 100,000 people. Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Crime In this city, a person has a one in 29 chance of being the victim of any crime. They have a one in 35 chance of being the victim of a non-violent property crime. This is actually a significant number as it’s higher than both the rate in Texas and the average rate in the US. A person will want to take the time to look into where their home is located within the city and what the probability is that they’ll be the victim of a crime to determine if they should invest in a home security system. Neighborhood Watch in the Area If there is a neighborhood watch in the area, the person doesn’t need a security system as much as they might in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a neighborhood watch program, although having a security system will still protect them. There is currently only eight neighborhood watch programs within the city, although the police department can help those who are interested in starting one in their own neighborhood by offering tips and advice for setting it up. Police Department and Response The main headquarters for the police department is on Community Blvd. and there is a north precinct located on N. 2nd Street. Those who live close to the police department will have a reduced response time for any calls made, so might feel as if they don’t really need a security system. However, the security system combined with a faster response time can mean the person has a much lower chance of losing and belongings in a home invasion. Those who live further away from the police department will still see a fast response time but, again, this works well when they have a security system to alert the police if anything happens when they’re not at home. Worry About Shooting Sprees and Nearby Fort Hood Fort Hood was the victim of a shooting spree in both 2009 and 2014. In 2009, a gunman shot and killed 32 people and wounded a further 32 people on the military base. In 2014, a shooting spree occurred again at Fort Hood, this time spread out to several locations and ended with four people killed including the gunman and 16 people injured. Those who live in this area, especially those who remember these shootings, might be worried about their own safety. With a large number of people working on the base, this is a significant concern, even though the chances of being the victim of a violent crime is significantly lower than those of non-violent crimes. Purchasing a Home Security System A person who wants to protect themselves, their family, and their home will want to consider purchasing a security system. They’ll have the chance to choose between a large variety of options to find the right system for their home. If they’d like to ensure their home is protected even when they’re away, they might want to opt for a monitored security system that uses motion detection within the home and security cameras to keep an eye on the inside and the outside of the home. Whether they choose the do-it-yourself route or decide to opt for a monitored system, they’ll be able to create the right system to protect their home. Choosing a Security System Company to Use The main benefit of a monitored security system is there’s always someone watching over the home to ensure there is no intruder or other issues. Before a person starts thinking about what they want their security system to include, however, they’re going to want to think about who they want monitoring the system. There are a lot of great options nowadays, so a person can choose from a large variety of options. ADT is a national company that is well-known, but they also can look into iSecure, Veteran Alarm, A-1 Fire and Security, and a variety of other companies to find one that meets their needs and their budget. Those who live in Killeen are going to want to make sure their homes are protected no matter if they’re home or away. To do this, they’re going to want to look into a security system, even if they feel like they already live in a secure neighborhood. Take a look at your options today to find the right security system to help protect your home from a home invasion so you do not become the next one in 35 that is the victim of a property crime.