ADT Lawrence, Kansas

Crime Is On The Rise Again In the Area
Crime has been increasing over the last 20 years and includes small crimes such as stealing items from yards and porches to burglaries and murder any time of the day or night. Neighborhood watch groups are helpful, but let’s face it, it’s impossible to watch everything that goes on 24 hours a day. Alarm systems for a home give a homeowner the added layer of security to rest peacefully at night. They can go to work each day knowing if someone is trying to get into their home. Even watching TV during the evening hours without the home secure can invite unwanted criminals into a home. Crime Statistics For The Area Last year there were more than 4,173 crimes reported in the county. That’s 35.4% of every 1,000 people that live in Douglas County. There were 281 violent crimes, including two murders, and 85 thefts and burglaries in 2016 while there were only 37 in 2011. These staggering statistics clearly show there are criminals in the area and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to commit their crime. In addition to adults committing crimes, there were 10 burglaries and robberies committed by juveniles. Just as recently as the month of November, there were seven robberies reported. This figure is up from October and a stabbing was also reported. Crime in Lawrence has been increasing and it’s important to protect a business and a home with a quality security system. Where Are The Police Stations Located? The police department is located at 720 West 3rd Street and crime around the police station is generally lower than other areas throughout the city. The Douglas County Sheriff is at 111 East 11th Street. Depending on the location of a crime, it can take several minutes or longer to report to a call once someone has determined a possible crime is being committed. By the time a crime is recognized and reported, 15-30 minutes could have passed, leaving the thieves to take off with valuable property. Do The Neighbors Have A Security System? Putting a sign in the yard that a home or business is protected by a security system isn’t the same as actually having one. If certain homes have a security system and others do not, the ones without are more likely to be targeted by criminals. Security systems that sense when a window’s been broken or jarred will quickly set off an alarm to alert the occupants and the security company. This gives instant notification that a crime is in progress. The response time with a security system is cut in half by the police and many criminals will take off when the alarm sounds. Things that go bump in the night will no longer require a homeowner to check all the doors and windows in the home because the security system is on and will notify them. What Alarm Companies Are In The Area? A & D T Alarm Home Security, 1112 W. 6th StreetAtronic Alarms, 8220 Melrose DriveProtection 11 Home Security, 1035 N. 3rd Street, Suite 101Overfield Security, 1915 W. 24th StreetAlarm Systems, 636 Massachusetts StreetSelect One Security, 331 Maple StreetHomeland Monitering, 520 E. 22nd Terrace How Useful Are Alarm Systems? Being a victim of a crime is a horrible experience. When a family has been violated by someone entering their home, they often wish they would have had a security system installed earlier. Don’t let this happen! A security system can be used when a family’s home or away and is the first line of defense against burglary and home invasions. Although some people may not consider this, a security system can alert people in the house when a door or window is opened by a child in a home. A speaker system can be connected telling the adult which door or window is being affected. This is a great tool for parents when they’re in a home with a child. Added Features To A Security System Security systems have many options available to the users. Security cameras are a great way to see what’s going on inside or outside of a home. These cameras can be monitored by a security company or recorded to a DVR so the homeowner can review them later. Cameras on a home can help to deter criminals. A camera at the front door allows the occupants inside to see who’s at the door before they open it. Some camera coverage can be viewed through the internet through a live stream. This allows an owner to see real time what’s happening in their home. Should Someone Consider A Security System? Crimes happen every day to all types of people. Reducing the chance of being a victim is well worth the investment in a security system. Some security systems allow an owner to turn on the lights in a home before they enter so it’s not so frightening for them in the dark. Parents can feel more secure when they have children returning from school alone to a home that they’re safe. If the door is left unlocked by accident and the security system is on, a home will still be protected when the alarm goes off. Closing a garage door is often forgotten when people are in a hurry leaving. With some security systems, the garage door can be closed from a remote location to secure the home. A security system will offer the peace of mind a homeowner needs all day and night.