ADT Mentor, Ohio

Safety In The Midwest

When people think of big cities, they invariably think of crime. However, there are some big cities that are relatively safe places to live. On a recent list that was published of the top 10 safest cities in America in which to live, Mentor, OH came in at number 10. This is an acknowledgment that should make residents proud. The city of Mentor is part of the Cleveland/Elyria/Mentor trinity of Ohio and is known for its strong police force and reasonable lack of gang activity. However, no city is crime-free, as the following shows.

Not Polite To Point

Just a few days after Christmas 2016, a man robbed a TJ Maxx department store by brandishing a knife at the store manager. The man took the manager into a back room and tied her hands but did not hurt her in any other way. He fled the store with cash from both the registers and the safe and was caught on surveillance video as he fled the store. While it did take a few days to capture the criminal, once the footage was cleared to be released to the public, the bad guy did not stand a chance. He was apprehended and placed behind bars to await his sentence. Police said that the video footage was the only thing that aided them in catching the robber.

Freak Parade

A rather disturbing and unusual incident took place at the Mentor Public Library back in June of 2016. A man entered the library fully dressed as a woman, sat at a table and waited. While it is not a crime to dress as the opposite sex, what happened next is. He proceeded to lure a young 14-year old girl to a corner and attempted to fondle the girl’s breasts. She quickly got up and left but the trauma still remains. The man left immediately left after the incident but was caught on the library surveillance system both coming and going. He was caught a few days after by police who were already familiar with the man from previous incidents. The surveillance system most definitely aided in removing this sicko from the good streets of Mentor and preventing him from attempting to harm anymore children.

Just Kickin’ It

A more bizarre crime could definitely be solved by the use of more video cameras. However, the perpetrator wisely seems to know exactly where there are not any surveillance systems in place. A rash of “car stompings” has taken place in residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes throughout the city. Someone has been jumping up and down on the roofs of parked vehicles and severely damaging them. They have also kicked in the doors of the vehicles, making entry impossible in some cases. If only more residents employed the use home surveillance cameras on the exterior of their homes, this delinquent may have been apprehended already and the destruction of private property could have been put to an end.

Police Info

The Mentor police department maintains a modest website at While the site may be lean on options, they do feature the option of filing reports online and a wealth of information on the department itself. They do not maintain a separate social media presence, they can be contacted via the city’s official social media accounts. These are found at: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Instagram: LinkedIn: Their physical location is: 8500 Civic Center Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060 and they can also be contacted at: (440) 255-1100 or

Neighborhood Watch

It seems that most neighborhood watch programs operate out of the small suburb of Painesville. While there are not many that are listed, they seem to be quite effective due to the low crime rate that Mentor enjoys. The neighborhood watch programs can be reached at: Shadow Investigative Agency
100 Carmody DR.
Painesville, Ohio, 44077 / 440 296 9176 united we stand
933 fremont ave
Painesville, Ohio, 44077 / 440-488-3422 Nyeland Crime Prevention
109 N Doan Ave
Painesville Township, Ohio, 44077 / 440-655-6680

Security Companies

There is no shortage of home security companies available to choose from in the Mentor area. A quick search on the internet reveals the following top-listed companies, among many others: A & DT Home Security Address: 9485 Mentor Ave, Mentor, OH 44060 Phone: (440) 368-0162 Sievers Security Systems Address: 9853 Johnnycake Ridge Rd, Mentor, OH 44060 Phone: (440) 352-4800 Residential Security Systems Address: 7552 Saint Clair Ave, Mentor, OH 44060 Phone: (440) 946-2715 ADT Address: 8460 Westport Dr, Mentor, OH 44060 Phone: (440) 368-0433 ADT Address: 9179 Mentor Ave, Mentor, OH 44060 Phone: (440) 290-4994 With Mentor, Ohio ranked as one of the safest cities in America, it is no wonder thatit is quickly growing and attracting many new residents. Those new residents need to remember, however, that security and safety do not com automatically. Intelligent purchases and active measures need to be taken to ensure that the honors that Mentor currently enjoys can be held in place for many years to come. This can easily be done by contacting one of the aforementioned home security companies and having them install a complete system that is capable of guarding the home both inside and out. Doing so is one of the most effective methods in warding off crime before it happens and in being able to catch the criminals if they do decide to take a chance.