ADT Middletown Ohio

Avoid Being a Victim in a High-Crime Neighborhood
It’s no secret that crime is a problem in Middletown. While this is a common problem in any city that has a poverty rate like Middletown, that fact doesn’t make the residents feel any safer. It seems that reports of shootings, murders and property crimes are so common many people don’t even see them as news anymore. However, if you live in this little city near Cincinnati and Dayton, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of being a victim. Instead of living your life in fear inside your home, follow these tips to keep yourself and your family safe. Avoid High Crime Areas There are certain places in Middletown that people who aren’t interested in committing or being a victim of crime avoid. Certain bars are known to have problems on a regular basis. They might be hubs for drug activity or just prone to violence. Avoiding the bars and the streets where the bars are located during their peak hours could help you stay safe. Although there might be some suitable places to have a drink during happy hour within the Middletown city limits, many people travel to places like West Chester or even Cincinnati if they want to drink or party outside their home. Secure Your Home Violent crime tends to make the news more than thefts from cars and burglaries from homes but these property offenses are a real problem in Middletown as well. Like other cities where the majority of children are eligible for free lunch, all residents are at risk for having their belongings taken from their home while they are at work or even running errands. It doesn’t really matter if you think you have anything worth stealing in your home, a drug addict or petty thief is likely to find something there that they can sell for some quick cash. The best way to secure your home is to get a monitored security system. Although this may be a more expensive option, it is also more likely to keep burglars out of your house than a simple alarm that makes a loud noise when your home is compromised. With a monitored system, your neighbors don’t have to be responsible for contacting the police and you won’t have to worry about annoying them with false alarms. While basic alarms might serve as a deterrent, it’s possible that people will begin to ignore them, as was the case with car alarms a decade or so ago. In addition to securing your home, you’ll also need to make sure you lock your car doors every time you leave your vehicle. Stealing items from a car is much easier than breaking into a house. Be sure to remove your purse or wallet and any loose change from sight. Although a small amount of money might seem insignificant to you, it could signal to a thief that you may have left more in your car. Since they are probably just looking for an easy target, keeping everything valuable out of sight and locking your doors is usually enough to prevent a car break-in. Buy Insurance Whether you rent or own your home, you need insurance. Despite everything you do to keep yourself and your family safe, it’s possible that someone could get into your home and take your property. Having insurance won’t help you get your property back from the thief but it will help you replace what you lost. Keep records of your valuables so you know what’s missing if your home is ever burglarized. This will help you file your insurance claim and get the money you need to replace what was taken. It’s important to understand that landlords have insurance that covers their property but not the belongings of individual tenants. Only renters insurance can offer that. Many insurance companies offer discounts to customers who bundle their auto and renters insurance together. This could result in a significant savings. You could save even more money on your insurance if you have a monitored security system installed. Security alarms reduce the risk of break ins so they make it less likely the insurance company will have to pay a claim. Renters and homeowners who are proactive and install these systems are rewarded for their efforts with lower rates. Having this extra layer of protection can give you some peace of mind. Of course, you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks, like leaving your blinds open so passersby can see what you have inside your home. Despite the high crime rate, many people stay in Middletown because that is where their family and friends live. If you are going to stay in the city, you have to take deliberate actions to protect yourself and your children. These precautions can make your life more enjoyable and help your children grow up happy as well. It isn’t necessary to be afraid of living your life. There are plenty of good people in Middletown who aren’t interested in committing crime or victimizing their neighbors. Unfortunately, the high rate of drug use in the city is fueling both violent and property crimes. Drug users who don’t have a source of income to get the heroin the want and need are stealing from responsible citizens and drug dealers are primarily responsible for the violent crime in the city. The good news is, people who aren’t involved with drugs are unlikely to be a victim of a violent crime if they stay away from the places where drug dealers congregate. Residents are less likely to be a victim of a burglary if they install and arm their own security system.