ADT Odessa, Texas

High Crime In This Texas City Fuels The Need For Home Alarm Systems
Everyone wants to believe that their homes and families are safe from crime in their city, but statistics, crime reports and news stories don’t lie. Crime occurs in every city and Odessa residents are not immune. In fact, in the state of Texas, Odessa has the highest violent crime rate of any city in the entire state, according to Texas Monthly. Even more disturbing is the increase in crimes committed by juveniles. Additionally, gangs in the area are consistently recruiting the younger generation for gang membership. In order to stay safe, residents of this fast-growing city must learn how to protect themselves, their families and property, so they don’t become yet another statistic. Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to prevent criminals from breaking into the home. Below you’ll learn more information about the need for a home alarm in Odessa and how these systems offer unparalleled protection against criminal activity. Crime Data In Odessa Neighborhood Scout reports that out of 1000 residents in the city, 47 will be the victim of a crime. In comparison to all other cities in the United States, Odessa has the distinction of being categorized as one of the cities with the highest crime rates. Being the victim of a crime of burglary is a scary thought. No one wants to think about a stranger or strangers inside their house rifling through their belongings when they’re not at home. Worse than that, no one wants to be at home when someone breaks in. This could end up being very dangerous for homeowners and their families. A list of the highest crime areas in Odessa, which is also compiled by Neighborhood Scout, includes West 16th Street/San Fernando Drive, Andrews Highway/West 31st Street and South Grandview Avenue/Laredo Drive. Odessa property crimes are rated above average and this data includes home burglaries, car theft, larceny and arson. With 100 being the safest rating a city can have, Odessa scored a measly 8, meaning that is only safer than 8 percent of all United States cities. Gang Activity In Odessa Gangs and gang-related activity are also prevalent in Odessa, Texas. Drugs are one of the main problems associated with these gangs and money for buying drugs is often secured by breaking into homes and stealing merchandise and cash. In 2014, the Texas Department of Public Safety released the Texas Gang Threat Assessment. This document states that 25 percent of incarcerated gang members are serving a sentence for robbery. Burglary, larceny and stolen vehicles make up 15 percent of the crimes of gang members serving time in Texas prisons. InsidePrison website demographics on Odessa gang activity estimates that in this city alone there are approximately 30 different gangs and a total of 1250 gang members. Active gangs in the area include The Aryan Brotherhood Of Texas, Aryan Circle, Barrio Azteca, Sureno 13 and various Tango cliques. The Texas Syndicate, Texas Mexican Mafia, Crips, Bloods, Bandidos and Latin Kings are additional gangs identified in the city. In 2012, OA Online reported an increase of gang activity in the area of the Permian Basin. Gang members are increasingly targeting juveniles for recruitment. In addition to focusing on neighborhoods and schools for new members, gangs are taking advantage of the internet, and especially social media. These platforms are playing a large part in recruiting middle school and high school age students for gang enrollment. Newsworthy Crimes Involving Juveniles In addition to crime data, news reports of crime in Odessa are also alarming. NewsWest9 reported on November 18th, 2016, the story of four teenagers who broke into a home on McKinney Avenue and stole expensive jewelry, electronics and money. A surveillance camera at the home caught the culprits on video, so police have a good picture of who they are looking for. The youths broke the surveillance camera on the property before entering the premises through a back door. Surveillance cameras are good to have installed on the property to catch criminals in action and in addition to cameras, it’s also important for homeowners to install alarm security systems. The sound of a loud alarm would most likely alert neighbors and scare the thieves away. In a previous incident in August, five teens who were 17 and 18 years of age, were arrested and charged with numerous robberies that occurred in Odessa. During this crime spree, vehicles were also stolen and three of the five teens were also charged with participating in organized criminal activity. Staying Safe In Odessa Homeowners can protect themselves and their families from being victims of crime by installing a home alarm system. With the advancements in alarm system technology, such as home automation, individuals will feel safer while at home and when they’re away. Basic security system options for the home include a control panel, a blaring alarm, wireless detection and monitoring service that’s available 24 hours a day. New developments in home automation include monitoring and accessing a home security system through a “smart” device. Individuals can choose from a variety of security system options, such as indoor and outdoor cameras, door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and video surveillance. Residents of Odessa who live in this high crime city will never have to feel scared again inside their own homes. With advanced home alarms and security systems, a home is what it should be, a safe place to live and raise a family.