ADT Pontiac, Michigan

Home Security in Pontiac, Michigan

Pontiac, Michigan is home to more than 59,000 people. While this is smaller in size than a lot of other locations, the town is located near Detroit, which holds more than 600,000. The close proximity to such a large city makes Pontiac a target for intruders looking to expand their sights. Property crimes, such as burglary and theft, are common occurrences in the area. Utilizing a home security system will help to ward off criminals and keep the town as safe as possible.

Home Security Options

There are several home security options to choose from in the area. AT&T offers Digital Life Home Security. Residents can visit their website and enter their address to check to see if it is available in their specific neighborhood. This system provides text and email alerts about activity, remote door locks, water detection, fire and carbon monoxide detection, and security cameras. This will not only ensure that intruders stay out, but that homeowners are also notified in case of other naturally occurring emergencies. Roughly 25 minutes away in Farmington Hills is another security solution. Premier Home Security opened its doors in 2010 to provide residents in the area with a sense of safety. The business is located at 27620 Farmington Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48334. They are open every day of the week to ensure all residents have the opportunity to make their way down to the facility to discuss their security needs. A free estimate can be provided for interested parties. The company places a three year warranty on all installation work completed. Canton is a little farther away, but it is still in the nearby vicinity. It takes right around 45 minutes to get there. This city offers Total Home Security, located at 5840 North Canton Center Road Canton, MI 48187. This option allows residents to speak directly to a security system installer who can pinpoint the best system with the right features. 

Police Presence

The Oakland County Sherrif’s Office employs a Pontiac Patrol Division that is responsible for policing duties in the city. A special substation is located in the area to ensure residents have fast access to law enforcement when needed. The station is located on 110 East Pike Street. One of the primary job duties is to provide extra patrol for a home when homeowners are away. Homeowners must first request for their address to be placed on the House Check list for this to happen. This can be done by going into the station, or by calling the non-emergency police line at 248-409-7100.

County Jail

There is not a prison located in Pontiac, but there is a county jail. The Oakland County Jail is located at 1201 N Telegraph Rd. This impacts many residents’ ideas of home security, and why it may be necessary to have a system in place after all. While most serious offenders are eventually taken to a prison in a larger city, people charged in Pontiac do start out at the county jail before their trial is complete. With an escape always possible, this makes it necessary for residents to consider their safety in a situation of this nature. The jail can hold up to 440 inmates. 

Property Crime Rate

One in thirty eight people experience a property crime in Pontiac. While this is lower than the average Michigan rate of one in fifty, it is still a higher amount than one would like to hear. The city center is one of the most common areas to experience these crimes. The southeast side of the city is also more likely to experience crime. This includes the streets between South Opdyke Road and South Boulevard.

Safest Streets

Not all streets within the city are prone to crime. There are numerous streets that are considered safe within the area. One of the safest spots is in the south of the city, between Woodard Avenue and Hadsel Drive. The northern part of the city is included in this list as well, between Giddings Road and East Walton Boulevard. Almost the entire west side is safe as well, with streets like South Telegraph Road, North Telegraph Road, West Huron Street, County Center Drive, and Firelite Lane all included. 

Gang Activity

Just because some streets are safe from typical property crimes, does not mean there are not threats in the area to consider. Gang activity has actually been noted in the city of Pontiac. Home invasion and retail fraud are two of the biggest crimes these gangs typically commit, with worse charges added on occasion. New World Order, Money Over Everything, Men of Blood, and Thug Life are just a few of the notable gang names in the area to watch out for on the daily commute through town. Any graffiti in the area with these names associated should be reported to the police immediately. In 2010, the New World Order and Almighty Latin King Nation had 74 members arrested between them. Both crews were involved in a drug scheme. Twelve people were arrested in Pontiac in 2015 after a nationwide gang sweep.  Home security is necessary no matter which city a person lives in. There is always a possibility of crime occurring in Pontiac, so it is best to do anything possible to prevent it from happening to you. This includes adding a home security system from a reputable company to ensure the home is monitored at all times.