ADT Port Arthur, Texas

How Residents Stay Safe In A High Crime Texas City
The city of Port Arthur is located on the Texas Gulf Coast in Jefferson County and a small section is situated in Orange County. This city has a population of nearly 58,000 people, along with a high crime rate. There are many statistics available about the types of crimes that are frequently committed in this city. Many residents Of Port Arthur have taken steps to ensure that they keep themselves, their homes and their property safe. Read the information below to learn more information about the various crimes carried out in Port Arthur and how residents can stay safe. Crime Data and Statistics The website Neighborhood Scout states that Port Arthur has a crime index of 6 out of a total of 100. A score of 100 is the best and cities that are ranked 100 are the safest cities in the United States. The low score given to Port Arthur means that this city is only safer than 6 percent of all other United States cities. The City Rating website states that violent crimes and property crimes in this city have continually increased over the past 14 years. The website also states that the Port Arthur crime rate is higher than average when compared to the entire state of Texas and in the rest of the United States. The statistics on the Area Vibes website reports that burglary, theft and property crimes are the types of crimes that are repeatedly committed in this city, when compared to other crimes. The areas of the city that are the least safest for residents include West 4th Street/Houston Avenue, West Gulfway Drive/Joe Louis Avenue, 9th Avenue/Jimmy Johnson Boulevard and City Center. The safest areas include Sabine/Sabine Pass, Pear Ridge, Griffing Park and Lakeview. City Crime News In recent reports of crime news, an attempted robbery occurred at a home on Rev. Raymond Scott Avenue. The homeowner reported that he heard a noise and then the sound of a gunshot before returning fire. The robber then fled and has not been apprehended. A prior robbery transpired on West 17th Street when three suspects entered a home in the early hours of the morning and stole property and cash. Before the robbers fled, one of the suspects used a firearm to knock the homeowner in the head. Many Port Arthur businesses, including convenience stores and game rooms, have also been recently targeted by thieves. Gang Member Activity Rival Mexican gangs, the Surenos or Sur 13 and the Nortenos or Norte 14, are prevalent in and around this southeast Texas city. The Nortenos gang color is red and members may be seen wearing shoes, belts or shoelaces that are red. Nortenos members often wear clothing of sports teams that have the color red in their team logo. This includes The San Francisco 49ers, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the University of Nevada Rebels. Surenos gang members also prefer wearing sports team clothing in blue or gray. They’re often seen wearing items with the logos of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Dodgers. According to an article in the Southeast Texas Examiner, ever since The Port Arthur Police Department has been arresting more gang members, the crime of aggravated assault has been decreasing. Resident Safety Measures Residents of Pear Ridge and Vista Village both have active neighborhood watch programs in place to help deter crime. Statistics have shown that residents of communities that are involved in a neighborhood watch program have a lower crime rate. Members can purchase yard signs that display a warning to criminals and the homeowner’s involvement with the watch program. If a community resident views a suspicious person in the neighborhood or notices a strange car slowly driving through the streets, they immediately contact their local police department. The Port Arthur police department is located at 645 4th Street and the telephone number is (409) 983-8600. Individuals who have an immediate emergency should always dial 911 first. The Port Arthur Police Department are avid supporters of Crime Stopper programs and this police department also offers a police academy for citizens. Through this program, residents of the city and the police department work together for the betterment of the community. Home Security Installation In addition to neighborhood watch programs, many residents of this Texas city also invest in an alarm system for their home. Criminals who are trying to break into a house to commit a robbery will be detected and caught on camera when homeowners have a surveillance camera installed. Sleeping family members will be alerted by a shrill alarm if a robber breaks a window or pries the door open to get inside the house. Home alarm systems with remote monitoring are also available for Port Arthur homeowners. Individuals can visit one of the three locations at 1329 10th Street, 1200 Gulfway Drive and 2800 26th Street. When individuals have this type of home security system, their home is being watched 24 hours a day by a monitoring center. When an alarm is activated, the authorities are notified by the monitoring center. Individuals can even choose the option to activate or deactivate their security system by using their smartphone or computer when they’re away from home. Due to the high rate of crime in Port Arthur, residents must take precautions so they don’t become victims. By starting a neighborhood watch program and installing a home security system, residents can stay safe in this high crime Texas city.