ADT San Marcos, Texas

Safe Down South

Texas is home to many medium-sized cities and chief among them is San Marcos. As far as cities are concerned, it has a relatively low rate of crime with 4806 victims for every 100,000 residents. However, the majority of those crimes are property-based and therefore, the need for professionally-installed security systems among the population is quite clear.

Three Stooges

Back in January of 2016, a homeowner with a very modern and effective home security system was alerted via his smartphone that there was suspicious activity happening in his home. After a few clicks on his security app, he was able to watch as the bungling burglars filled their car with his possessions but then realized that they could not fit the safe through the back door. While the homeowner was being entertained by the foolish trio, the security system automatically called 911 and officers responded within minutes. The gang tried to flee on foot but were quickly caught and tossed in the hoosegow. One would be hard-pressed to find a better example of the benefits of security systems in the home.

Shoot To Kill

Several years ago, in mid-November of 2010, a homeowner was awakened by his home alarm going off. He walked downstairs to find a young hoodlum attempting to kick in the backdoor. Since the homeowner had fallen victim to a similar crime only weeks before in which a female resident of the home was physically assaulted, the homeowner wasted no time in grabbing his firearm. He fired three shots into the youth and killed him instantly. Since this clearly fell under what is known as the Castle Law, the man was not charged with any crime. Who knows what may have happened if the alarm had not been in place, waiting to protect the family who lived inside.

Bad Luck Comes In Three’s

Three juveniles will be spending some of the years of their youth in jail after being convicted of burglary. The delinquents broke into the clubhouse belonging to the Woods at San Marcos apartment complex and stole various gaming systems belonging to the complex. They were caught on surveillance video and after reviewing the footage and sending it to the San Marcos Police Department, the three were quickly arrested. This incident again shows the strength and benefits that having a well-equipped security system in place can bring.


The San Marcos Police Department is very tied into the local community, which only serves to increase its strength and effectiveness. They are running a Citizen Police Academy class in February of 2016 that seeks to give a full accounting of how police officers work and exactly what each facet of the job entails. More information can be found at They hope to make it a regular event with multiple classes per year. The department also held a San Marcos National Night Out in October of 2016 which sought to generate goodwill between the police force and the citizens that it is sworn to protect. By all accounts, the even was a smashing success. It is events like these, and the pro-active stance that is so obvious between the community and the cops, which really help to generate a feeling of peace within all the neighborhoods. The police department website can be found at: and it is very up to date with very useful links to accident and crime reports and a wealth of information on local happenings. There are also links to each member of administration and a victims information link that offers advice to victims of crime. While the police do not have seperate social media accounts, they can be contacted via the City of San Marcos social media accounts, which can be found at: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The central physical location of the department is: Address: 2300 S Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: (512) 753-2108

Neighborhood Watch

There are literally dozens of neighborhood watch programs that exist in the city of San Marcos. This is a strong reason why the city is so safe in comparison with other neighboring cities in Texas. While there is not room to list them all here, the top five listed will be. They are: Chaparral Park
1307 Uhland Road Meadow Ridge
1307 Uhland Road Falconwood POA
172 Falconwood Drive HUGHSON HEIGHTS
367 Bella Vista Circle

Security Companies

It should be no surprise that there are many home security companies to choose from in San Marcos, although ADT comes in the lead with four different locations throughout the city. Contact info for some of the companies can be found here: ADT Address: 730 E Hopkins St, San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: (512) 271-6864 ADT Address: 139 E Hopkins St, San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: (512) 351-3193 ADT Address: 730 E Hopkins St, San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: (512) 691-9015 ADT Address: 219 N Comanche St, San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: (512) 593-6094 Alarm Concepts Address: 215 Pampas Pass, San Marcos, TX 78666 Phone: (512) 392-5455 The city of San Marcos is a great little city. It is not too far from Austin, with its spectacular and innovative music scene. Of course, since it is in Texas, there is always a guarantee that good food is never far away, and in tremendous proportions also. When contemplating a move down south, San Marcos, Texas would certainly make an excellent choice.