ADT Temple, Texas

What Your Location Says About Your Chances of Being a Crime Victim
Location is everything when a person is buying a home, considering moving, and even thinking about purchasing a security system to protect their family and their belongings. For those who live in Temple, although this is a smaller city, where exactly a person is located within the city might mean they want to start thinking about purchasing a home security system. There are quite a few things to consider when this is something they might want to purchase. Crime Rates Within the City With only 66,000 people, Temple is a smaller city and this might mean many people feel safer living in the city. However, there’s an average of 2,700 properties crimes per year within the city, meaning a person has a one in 27 chance of being the victim of a property crime. This is higher than the state average of one in 35, which means many people will want to ensure they take the necessary steps to ensure their home is protected. The city has a crime index of 11, meaning it’s safer than only 11% of the cities in the United States. Where the Person is Located Within the City Where a person is located in certain areas of the city, they’re going to have less of a chance of being the victim of a property crime. This is true for most cities, and there are three things a person might consider when they’re looking at their neighborhood. Proximity to the Local Police Station – The areas closer to the police station often experience less crime simply because of the higher chance of being caught. The closer the home is to the police station, the faster a response will be from the local police.Safer Parts of the City – Maps online will show which areas of the city tend to have more crime and which ones tend to be safer. In Temple, the west and east sides of the city are going to be safer. The center of the city and the southern portion tend to have higher crime levels.Neighborhood Watch Program – Neighborhoods with an active neighborhood watch program experience less crime than ones that don’t. If a person finds out there isn’t an active program in their neighborhood, it might be a good idea to gather information from the local police department to create one. Crimes Occurring Recently Near the Homeowner It’s important for a homeowner to find out just how close to home crimes are and what types of crimes are close to them. There are websites that provide this information based on local police activity reports. They can also check the website for the local police station or follow the police department on social media to get the latest updates on what’s happening and where it’s happening to see what’s going on close to their home. Besides Moving, What Can be Done? In very high crime areas, the person might consider moving. However, if they cannot afford to do this or they don’t want to do this, there are other things they can do to help protect their home, including install a home security system. Locking Doors and Windows – Homeowners are going to want to ensure their doors and windows always lock securely. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking them before bed and before leaving the home to ensure nothing is left accidentally unlocked. Thieves often want to find the easiest way inside a home, and an unlocked door or window provides them that opportunity.Clear View of the Home From the Street – When the doors or the bottom of the windows are blocked from view, it’s easy for a thief to hide long enough to pick a lock, even if they aren’t good at it. When the doors and windows can be clearly seen from the street, and by the neighbors, it means the thief needs to get in an unlocked door or break a window as they’ll likely be caught trying to pick the lock. If the doors are locked and they try to break a window, the noise could easily alert the neighbors to an issue.Purchasing a Security System – A homeowner will likely want to consider a security system that includes motion detection to alert the homeowner or the police if anyone enters their home without permission. Monitored and do-it-yourself options are available for a wide range of budgets so the homeowner can easily find the right system for their needs.Purchasing Dummy Cameras for the Outside – Even if the person cannot afford security systems right now, dummy security cameras are typically incredibly inexpensive and look like the real thing. These cameras won’t capture any footage of the burglar, but they might be enough of a deterrent to protect the home.Purchasing Cameras for Inside and Outside the Home – If the person does want to purchase cameras for their home, they have a number of options available and can easily find something that fits their needs and their budget. They will want to consider cameras both inside and outside of the home to act as a deterrent and to gather evidence if someone does attempt to steal something or break into the home. Those who live in Temple, Texas might be concerned with their chances of being the victim of a property crime. Their precise location can tell them quite a bit about what their chances are of being a victim of this type of crime and can help them determine what measures they’ll want to take to protect their home, family, and belongings from theft and burglary. Use the points above to learn more about what the location of your home says about whether you should invest in a security system.