ADT Terra Haute, Indiana

Lock Up Tight In This City!
For those that grew up from the late 1970s until the early 1990s, Terre Haute will forever be remembered as the place where monthly cassette and CD order forms were mailed. If no response was sent, you got a brand-new “pick of the month” delivered a few weeks later. That’s because this city is home to the once-thriving Columbia House Music Club. While the music may not be hitting a high-note anymore, the crime rate in this blue-collar larger city certainly is. For a city of its modest size, Terre Haute claims a much-higher than normal crime rate versus the national average. Unfortunately, many of these crimes are exceedingly violent and may have been prevented if only a security system had been in place. Take for instance the brutal crime that took place in June. Thomas Fuller III was inexplicably murdered while inside his apartment. He left behind a loving daughter who sent a heartbreaking letter to her Fuller’s mother, who in turn read it to the local media. Unfortunately, tearful and heartfelt words cannot bring back the dead and Fuller’s killer currently awaits trial. Some may say that at least it is good his killer was quickly caught just a few block away, merely hours after the crime took place. But could the entire episode have been prevented if such things as audible alarms and visible surveillance equipment been in place and in use? Crime experts say yes. Some may disregard the safety that security systems bring, saying their possessions are not worth enough to guard in such a way. A life, however, is always worth guarding, especially when there are loved ones counting on you. A few months later, the city mourned the loss of beloved local radio personality Matt Luecking, who was murdered in his apartment at Village Quarter. The suspect was quickly apprehended but again, was this a crime that could have been prevented through thoughtful use of modern security equipment. Again, all signs point to yes. While the trial is still underway, police strongly suspect that Luecking was targeted specifically due to his fame. One can only wonder why a minor celebrity did not have the foresight to guard his abode in a more reasonable fashion. But, what’s done is done and we are not here to blame the victim, but to take a lesson from his unfortunate passing and know that it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Another different, but still preventable, crime that occurred during the year of 2016 in Terre Haute was a still-unsolved arson that burned the Lighthouse Mission to the ground. Fortunately, there were no injuries suffered but there were over 45 residents of the mission who were displaced. They have yet to be fully integrated into other mission facilities. Security surveillance cameras or even a security fence could have prevented unwanted peoples from destroying something that was so badly needed by the community. The perpetrators of the crime have still not been found and may also be responsible for a rash of arsons that took place throughout much of the year. HDTV security cameras would have gone a long way towards identifying these heartless criminals-at-large. The Terre Haute Police Force is small but does what it can with the minimal number of officers at its disposal. While its website is admittedly a bit on the simplistic side, it does contain all of the necessary information and useful links needed to make it usable. The department itself is conveniently located at: 1211 Wabash Ave Terre Haute, Indiana (812) 238-1661 They maintain a Facebook page at: A brief perusal of the comments on the page itself tells a story of “big city” cops with a “small town” mentality, meaning they are always willing to lend a hand for even minor things such as flat tires or someone getting locked inside of a parking garage. It certainly seems like they utilize the small 136-member force to its maximum effectiveness. However, with such a small force, the need for a professionally-installed security system is more than underscored, it is demanded. With an abundance of security companies to choose from, citizens of the city are not for want of a quality home or business security system. A quick glance via internet search engine presents one with several choices, such as: Shield Fire & Security Address: 1201 S 3rd St, Terre Haute, IN 47802 Phone: (812) 234-7914 ADT Sales & Service Address: 75 N 3rd St, Terre Haute, IN 47807 Phone: (812) 645-1349 Koorsen Fire & Security Address: 2810 S State Road 63, Terre Haute, IN 47802
Phone: (812) 242-9022 Interface Security Systems Address: 735 W National Ave, West Terre Haute, IN 47885
Phone: (812) 533-0029 While Terre Haute, IN can certainly be a lovely and desirable place to live, make no mistake that each and every resident should have their place of residence equipped with the best security system that fits their budget. While many may make excuses in attempts to justify their lack of purchasing one, the aforementioned crimes written about in this article should drive home the point they are most definitely needed. For a few hundred dollars and a modest monthly subscription fee for monitoring, one can at least have the peace of mind that they are doing what they can to protect not only themselves but their loved ones also. Isn’t your family worth it? Of course they are.